Supernova or Genesis

???Should I get a supernova or a genesis ???. ive heard good and bad a bout both. one person say one thing and another say another thing!!! :’( HELP!!!

First, no need for sooo many exclamation points. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Genesis and I love it.

I have never tried a Supernova.

Have you ever heard of the OD burnside? That’s the same price and a lot of people love it.

They’re both awesome. Both are the same price as well. I would get whatever one you think looks the coolest. I have about 20 metals and the only yoyo I have two of is the Genesis.

The 2012 Series of YoYoFactory’s Premium YoYos also come complete with a Replacement Bearing, Replacement CBC Slim Pad Response, and a YoYoFactory MultiTool all for one great price.
Not a bad deal if you ask me.