Genesis or Supernova lite???

I have a Dv888 and I was wondering if I should get a good $85 dollar yoyo like the Genesis or Supernova lite, or if it would be a better idea to just get a $65 yoyo like the NOVA or Yuuksta.

eh… I’m really not a fan of yuukstas. they’re quite unstable. Genesis though is great. Haven’t tried a supernova though. But I’d definitely spring for one of the two more expensive ones.
Orrr if you have the cash, I’d get a fools gold avalanche. Mine came today, and I’m loving it. :smiley:

Thanks!!! I think that I’m gonna just stick with the Genesis though, I’m not a great yoyoer and im not ready to spend.100+ dollars on anything yet…

mkay, good choice. :slight_smile:
The genesis is one of yyf’s best if you ask me. There’s a reason so many of their players use it.

I loved my genesis and I have owned a supernova lite and the best of the two is the genesis. the stability of the two are about the same, with the genesis on top, but spin time is in the court of the genesis. It has more spin time than the supernova lite. I really really hated my yuuksta, very unstable and very underwhelming spin time. I say go with the genesis all the way.

Genesis is one of the most rounded and stable throws I have used. I’d recommend it to anyone.

If you want a $65 yoyo, get a Yuuksta. If you want an $85 yoyo get a Supernova Lite.