Yuksta, Genesis, or Dv888

Hey guys, I was wondering what you all thought about the Yuksta, Genesis or DV888. Looking for a new yoyo and so far these are my top pics. If you have any advice please reply below.

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genesis IMO is the best. I think upping on the money to get is worth it. If you love floaty this is the best

Depends what you like.
Personally, all 3 are not my fave but the genesis is probably the better of the 3.

The dv888 plays like a oddly shaped brick.
The yuuksta would be nice if it wasn’t so small (personal preference)
The genesis feels very solid and weighted. Smooth, decent player. Not my fave but it aint a bad throw. Just don’t expect a floaty throw as its pretty solid feeling.

If you are ok with smaller yoyos, the yuuksta is also pretty nice.

I would just say to stay the apple bucking hay away from the dv888.


Definitly genesis in my opinion. The yuuksta dosen’ even come close to obtaining what the genesis can accomplish in stability and spin. I haven’t ever tried a dv888 but nothing would compel me to want to try it, much less to buy it.

Alright thanks guys I think I will go with the genesis then!

I would not consider the Genesis to be floaty. Very solid.

The Genesis is awesome as a full-sized throw. The DV888 is awesome as an undersized throw, very stable, long spin times. Stay far far far far far away from the Yuuksta. UNSTABLE. Got rid of mine asap.

The dv888 is good

I have both a genesis and dv888 i don’t like my dv888 but i love my genesis.

Genesis is good but if your willing to spend that much on a yoyo I would personally go with the supernova. It’s still a good throw either way.

lol, it’s kind of a necro post, so try not to post anymore. I am sure the original poster has solved his or her dilemma.

I would take the genesis or the yuukusta.