DV888 or Genesis?

Which is the better yoyo? The DV888 or the Genesis.

::slight_smile: Yoyoing is all about personal preference… I like yoyos that some of my friends might not like and vice versa.

If I had to pick one I’d pick the Genesis. I like it because it’s full size, it’s H shaped and very very comfy as well as having ridiculous grinds and spin times. It also more expensive so if you have the money go for it.

That being said if you can only afford the Dv888 it’s usually a yoyoers first full metal yoyo and it has pretty good spin times for it’s price.

Both is different.
Which is better from one another is depends on your preference.
Genesis is a fullsize and the dv888 is an undersize.
Start from there,which one do you like better?
Both are great yoyo imo, smooth, stable, long spin, and can do any trick that you want. Just different.

I have the DV888 now but I don’t know the size difference between the two. I want to see how much bigger the Genesis is. If anyone has comparison pictures, that would be helpful.

Well, sorry i don’t have a comparison pic, but the genesis is roughly 6 mm biger in diameter

definitely a genesis
it it 100% better than the dv888

nope… i loved the DV888. shut up if you are saying that Genesis is better. shut up if you are saying Dv888 is better. they both suck, and they both rule, but for different reasons. i loved undersized throws and simple shapes, pluss it is cheaper. more money doesn’t mean a better yoyo, it means it’s design is harder to machine or the material costs more.

what yoyo do you have now?

depeneds if you like over sized or undersized

wait you have a dv888?

ok then what do you like about it. do you think it should be bigger or smaller? would you change the shape?