DV888,Yuuksta or Genesis?

Hi guys, I really want a metal yoyo, I only have a Hitman a plastic-metal yoyo and I want to try a full metal yoyo. I think Between DV888,Yuuksta, or Genesis. Please Help me

what do you like in a yoyo? heavy or light. big or small. shape. colors. tell us what you want

well, the weight and the color doesn’t matter to me I like small and the shape is butterfly

The Genesis is a large yoyo so you probbly wouldnt like a genesis, the yuuksta is small but has a h shape, so that leaves the DV888.

how abot the stability and the spin time? I really want to know before I choose

by the way what is the different abot butterfly shape and H shape

Next time dont double post, the difference is the shape thats all, the shape is just for yuor preference.your other question, ive never used a dv888 so i wouldnt know how stable it is, but for the spin time it depends on your throw.

My 2010 was a stable yoyo. Not as stable as my G5, but as stable as my atmosphere.

It’s a casual yoyo. And I mean that in a good way. It’s an amazing yoyo at a fraction of the price.

You really can’t go wrong with a DV888, especially under 50 bucks. Great first metal throw.

my yuuksta is awesome the h shape feels right to me… either way dv888 and yuuksta are both great yoyos. really its if u want h shape or rounded

thnx for your recommendation, I think I will go for DV888


I played a yuuksta last week and again today to make up my mind. I like the soft V it has, great for catching into the gap. I would have bought it for sure, but it won’t do thumbgrinds. So I ended up not getting it. I concur with the dv888 choice.

good luck-

wait there is a yoyo that caught my attention, the chaotic it’s undersized too, what do you think?

it is yoour 1st metal, so it may ding, so dont get an expensive yoyo as your first metal. u may also like a zen 1 2 or 5

thnx yoyomatt, I’ll take care of my first metal yoyo, when I get one