Hey i just wanted to get a little feed back on this throw. The reason why i think this throw would be perfect for me is because, i love the size and smoothness of the 888x, and i love the shape and floatyness of the genesis. So pertty much i hear the yuuksta is just as stable as a genesis and smooth as an 888x, so its kinda like a mini genesis? If so this is the yoyo ive been looking for for a longgggg time. Because i love the weighted rims, dont like em flat, it just seems perfect. Anyone own a yuuksta, how does it compare? how do you like it to the genesis? My self i enjoy undersize yoyos. Thanks

If you buy a small bearing yuuksta it plays just like a genesis

Since you enjoy undersized yoyos, you should get the Yuuksta. The Genesis is a very oversized throw, from what I have seen.


I really like the Yuuksta, and yes it is a mix of the 888 and the genisis

I’m selling one of mine for pretty cheap, and it comes with a kk,  :wink:

This was my favorite yoyo i ever got, but it was stolen while i was on vacation - Id highly recommend it.

It’s stable for an undersized, but not that stable compared to the genesis

cool thanks Raphael for the BST, right now im not looking to buy, due to me starting my job in a few days, it will proubly be a month or 3 before i get one anyways, because if I do get one, i want the Thunder Edition one.

Yyf doesn’t make those anymore, and it’s gonna be hard to find in tge bst… Just get a regylar acid wash job

well they have some blue with silver splash ones now that i wish i got but my yuuksta is amazing i would recommend it to amyone …stable, smooth, floaty