I Just Bought A YYF Yuuksta!

Hey Everybody!
Im really Excited because I just bought a YYF Yuuksta! I got the Green Acid Wash Edition. It Looks Really Cool. I had enough Money to Order the USPS Express, so It should be Here Tomorrow! Just Excpect a Review from Me about the YYF Yuuksta sometime this Week. I ahve never thrown the Yuuksta yet, so If you have a Yuuksta or have thrown one, Tell me what its like. The Yoyo seems like It Fits my Stats. I mean, I Love the Genesis Shape. The YYF Genesis is my All Time Favorite Yoyo, but It was just a Little to Big for me. Now Since they made a Smaller Genesis, The Yuuksta, I thought I would love it More! So, Tell me about the Yuuksta if you can. Review by CodyJam comign Soon! :wink:

I have a yuuksta and genesis

the yuuksta is dramatically smaller but a similar shape so if you like small,fast, stable yoyos you will love the yuuksta

when did you order it today if you ordered it after 3pm you bassically wasted $20 because it wont ship till tommorow

the only thing i dont get about the yuksta is that it has yoyofactory 2011 on it and its 2010

Pointless thread. I could have made like 30 threads like this so far.

And your point is…

He just wanted to ask what the yuuksta was like. Sadly, I don’t know, so let it be a suprise.

Well, Im just letting people know that Im there is gonna be an upcoming Review on the YYF Yuuksta. And, I was curious on how they play. If you don’t like it, don’t wate your time commenting. Just Saying.

He didnt waste his money.It will still come quicker than regular shipping and probably two days earlier.Amnd x52, please dont criticize him, And i havent seen one review from you yett so stop your immaturity please.

Sorry then. I just didn’t get the point of this thread.

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I was amazed by this yoyo being so small and the feel solid heavy and smooth. You’ll love it.

Depends on where you live. When I order from yoyoeXpert, it’s here in two days. No need to pay extra. Two days is fast enough. I have other throws to hold me over for an extra day.

I think I am goingto get one quite soon actually also. The specs are perfect for me and the sape is great. I have 60 bucks to the place that starts with an ‘n’ anyways.

I have to agree.

yeah I Agree. ??? dono

It is probably my favorite yoyo and I have a MVP, Bassalope, B grade 888, XXXXL, New Breed, and a Dot. It takes allot to beat a Bassalope :wink:

It’s a great throw for sure. My only thing is, I don’t really have super wide fingers or anything, but at times I did find the profile to be just slightly cluttered. My middle finger would sit very snugly between the raised rims with the sides of my finger kind of spilling over onto the rims. It’s not a bad thing by any means, just outside my normal comfort zone.

Again, it’s a great throw and I look forward to reading your thoughts on it.

i have tried one. and it’s feel like a chaotic at the end of my string…
but it might be just me though.

If you didn’t get the point of the thread why did you post in it?

I’m sorry but did you have something to add to this thread?
Lets all get back on topic.

Practice what you preach.

O and btw congrats on buying the yuuksta.

I have a yuuksta and mine is just so smooth on the spin. Great for grinding too! And it also sleeps long.