yuuksta or superstar?

Im planning on getting either a yuuksta or a superstar and im not sure which one is better because they both get amazing reviews… help please?

Personally i didnt like the feel of the superstar. and i havent tried a yuuksta but i love the shape of the genesis. also if you get the superstar take tthe hubs off otherwise its like a rock on a rope

I would get a yuuksta much less price and plays amazing

Check out my review if you want more info on the yuuksta

I actually just got both last week!

For you, depends on what you like. For me the determining factors in each are: Yuuksta is undersized. I like full sized, but it is very enjoyable. I have chosen the yuuksta to be my travelling companion on the road. I also have my protostar for public yoyo-ing because it looks better and draws more eyes due to size and color. Regular everyday people don’t appreciate metals like we do! Everyone so far says, “What’s the point? You’re paying too much for that yoyo…” You can’t really sway people unless they yoyo themselves.

I use my superstar at home (for safekeeping). It’s full sized and I love the H-shape. Feels solid in the hand. Hubstacks are really fun to play with and will give you more options with the superstar.

Overall, if I had to choose between the two, I would go superstar because I like the shape, size, and want the option for hubs.

If you’re looking for a portable throw then I’d go yuuksta for the less expensive factor and the undersize throw.

Being undersized doesn’t make it more portable, but you can conceal it in your hand if you like walking around with a yoyo everywhere you go!

Superstar kick’s A… get it if you have the money!!! add rice stacks. Although, im 6’6 225 and obviously prefer bigger yoyo’s because off my hand size(weight does not matter for me, but the superstar is not that heavy i’d say it’s about as heavy as a dark magic, but just a bit more), so take that into consideration… and yes if you like the genisis go for the Superstar you will like it IMO…

Well, since your “Favorite yoyo” is the Hatrick, which is undersized, the Yuuksta might be a better choice for you. It is undersized as well and is less expensive. If you want to try a full size yoyo, then go ahead and try the superstar. :slight_smile:

its not that expensive once you look at what goes into yoyos… theres:

  1. high grade machining ON high grade aluminium
  2. beadblasting with parts masked off, very precise for the best beadblast
  3. the annodization
  4. making sure each side is the perfect weight with the best scales on the market
  5. ball bearings are expensive too!

idk i dont have a yukksta but the superstar is defintitly the choice im just going on the fact that it has been used to win 2 world contests and that it is one of the most recomended yoyos on the market

kid, no offense, but its much harder then you think,

  1. if you have no engineer experience, you pay a hefty fund PER HOUR for designing, at LEAST $300
  2. Aluminum, idk the prices, ima gues $20 per pound?
  3. Lathe is like $550
  4. http://www.gruntbullanodizing.com/services_anodizing.html
  5. Beadblast isnt the only finish, 1drop will soda blast for $10
  6. no need, unless you know somethiing went wrong, if you make one model good, the rest come out symmetrical
  7. not really.

who cares who used it, t-sev used a FH0, it is an unpopular model actually, undersized is where its at nowadays.

The CNC lathes that are use are far more expensive than a normal lathe that cost 550$.

Also a yoyo before theres an official run, there are many prototypes done and that costs money and time. When your buying a yoyo your paying more the design rather than the materials. Bootleg yoyos cost way less because the bootleg company just takes the OG yoyo and bootleg it.

psh…the og projects/markmonts were made on a MILL!
THATS talent

ok, ok, i get it. im not smart and i only know the basics of yoyomaking. but do you see what im getting at here? yoyos are actually pretty cheap for what goes into them

sir, you might want to clarify that statement, i just wrote a wall of quotes on how expensive it is to make a yoyo, anyways, why are we still here, Topic lock?

ya… CNC mills are like half a million dollars… moset people wouldnt use a normal metal lathe… thats way too much precision

and i cant believe that some yoyos are made on Mills… thats amazing


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In your opinion, it could be useless junk to others.

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I just got a Yuuksta they play AMAZINGLY!!!