THE YOYOFACTORY SUPERSTAR, putting H's in your cases year round

Have you ever stopped and took a while to glance at your case when you come upon a spot longing to be filled? You think- “man i I just had that perfect yoyo there,” my collection, my playing, my entire yoyo experience would be complete. Well carve and H in your case because the Yoyofactory Superstar, a yoyo with a slight h-shape and ungodly grindability has finally filled the void.

Wind the clock back about six years ago. Yoyofactory had just kicked off Project Red Alert with one goal - innovation. About the same time, the yoyoing commmunity was starting to wonder who would bring them something they had never seen before. Something that would bring amazing looks and new technology without demothing play. H-Spin responds and releases the Envy, with an very appealing h-shape that could have caused yoyonation’s inventory to go off the roof. Everyone wanted this yoyo. It had arrived in every country that takes part in yoyoing. But there was one problem. WOBBLE. And that wobble stood out and took no prisoners. Hspin even released Envy 64’s and had to mak “flaw to love” editions that had a manufacturing defect. So the Envy’s were no longer in demand. But everyone still missed that cool and new H-Shape. Thats where yoyofactory came in. They gave the Envy liposuction, popped some hubstacks on it, gave it a new paint job and called in a G5 (not really.) This really came through just in time. Then Yoyofactory came out with about 200000 new editions of G5s and 888s and people started to get bored. But maybe this was just a distraction. Maybe it was to hide something that Yoyofactory had been planning for a long time. It was the Yoyofactory Superstar.
Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape H Shape

Weight (g) 69.10
Width (mm) 40.82
Diameter (mm) 56.48
Gap Width (mm) 5.22
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized

Wow! You cant say enough about yoyofactory’s standard packaging. Its not something completely ridiculous like the Hugo Z Hor packaging (stuffed rat.) But they didnt ship it in somthing oblique like a cardboard box with a price tag on it.
BUT WHAT WAS INSIDE?: When i opened this box, i already knew i was getting a smooth and fast yoyo, with beadblasting on the side, and k-pads to drink, but i had idea what people meant when they told me it grinded great and played smooth. Thats the biggest understatment ive ever heard. It hypnotizes you on the string, you really dont have to move your fingers to get it to go its so fast. It maximizes everything you do. If you want to finger grind, it will finger stall and land on the string. If you want to do a half turn gyro flop, it will do seven and wont except rewards. They best thing you can do to reward it is go get yourself one of these.
GRINDING- Grinds literally hypnotize you by stalling on you finger. Backhand stalls can go up to 7 seconds and palm grinds up to 5. Not to mention how easy it makes thumb grinding EVEN WITH HUBSTACKS.
String Tricks-You know what its indescribable. Fast, Smooth, and holy dont even give you the first clue
2A-bad…unresponsive…duh(but if you get a bind knot, looping works)
3a-good partner in crime with another yoyo, but never tried it with two yoyos
4A- it makes whip catches easy as clicking “buy” on yoyonation, but it is unresponsive so its hard to bind back up
5A- good but not the best do to its large size and how it can snag on multiple strings (like double on trapezes,) but i don’t really throw 5A so thats why i didn’t include it in the review

COMPARISON - Superstar vs PGM
Compared with the Plastic grind machine it provides longer sleep times, is smaller, but feels larger in the hand due to the h-shape, better for grinds, way faster, and a bit smoother. I like the YYF bearing on the Superstar better than the SPEC on the PGM, but thats my opinion.

Wow, 65 in stock on, you guys have no idea what you’re missing out on. If its good enough for John Ando its good enough for you. Guaranteed to make your case look like a dream, and enhance your style x 1,000,000,000.

your freindly neighborhood thrower,

Bobby (you finally get to know my real name Connor ;D!)

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AWESOME review!


Happy Throwing! =]

enjoy it, looks great, I want one.

Nice. I think pics would complete this awesome review

i know, im so mad, i put them in and it didnt let me post them! Could someone tell me how to put pics in your posts! ;D


Go down to the Images section.

what colour is ur superstar bobby?

i got the camo one :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, awesom yoyo!
(you should try taking the hubs off and playing, its a lot better for me)

i hav a metallic sky blue bb’d version! ;D

Great review. Makes me want one even more.

Addment: I thought it came with a SPEC. Didn’t yours?

Yeah, thats what I thought. But did he even mention that it didnt?

no superstars do not come with SPECs, they come with standards, the earliest yoyo to come with SPECs are PGMs, and they were released @ worlds, while the Superstar had been out b4 worldz!!!

Are you sure? As far as I knew they were protos at Worlds

All current production runs of YoYoFactory yo-yos come with their SPEC bearing.
The current run of SuperStars (red, blue, pink, green) all come with SPEC bearing stock.

I just got the superstar or my birthday and it it truly amazing! I love it!

I want a Superstar bad! YYE doesn’t have my color yet so I’m waiting patiently. I hear its really smooth and can’t wait to play it.

These should be hyped way more than peaks…


Is the Superstar good? I have been beginning to look closer at YYF yoyos and see how good they
are and especially the Superstar. I think the black one is cool.

keep spinning


Yes - If you read the review, you would tell his opinion of it was positive.

In other words, it is good