MVP should be changed to MAP! Most AWESOME Player..

Check check check… a Check it out…

YYF MVP!. I wonder if its going to be a FundaMETAL?

No, it isn’t - its a premium.

It looks awesome!

Its kinda a “recycled” yoyo, as JM mentioned though.

I think it looks like the C13 a quite bit… :-\

Thats a bummer… Thats what they need for the FundaMETAL line… A solid H like that…

Im no longer as excited…

Im feeling that now… If its premuim and gets stacks and a $120 tag I dont think I’ll pick it up

Aint diggin’ the size man :-. I like the Lunatic more.

it doesnt have stacks, ben said it was the first premium without them

Wait…isn’t the BOSS a Premium?

I think the BOSS, SEVERE, and Genesis 135 are part of the Evolution line… Which is like the inbetween of the Premium and the FundaMETAL

Did you see the picture? Completely flat hub, no way to stack (yay).

Hmm… hope fully they will art it up some… I’ve lost alot of interest while this thread has been going

I see a C13…

I guess I can see it… The C13’s big full sized brother…

I think a few of yoyofactory’s releases are just copied ideas of previous yoyos. Like the Lunatic and the severe, and the MVP and the C13. I know the dimensions are different, but they need to create new shapes.

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yes i did before the pic was up thats what ben said

They don’t need to make more shapes, they have a ton of shapes. They just need to calm down on making tons of yoyos with the same shape. Ben has mentioned that this is an evolution towards something better. I still think there should be a limit too it. YYF has some nice ideas, but each idea turns into 3 yoyos.

Most YYF’s are built off earlier models:

PGM-Counter Attack-Die Nasty
401k-California-VK (I don’t get why these yoyos have different names)

You can work out the rest.

La verite.

Although, I think YYF could have done this in an alternative way that still has the same effect, but not with the redundancy of multiple yo-yo’s with the same concept. If instead, YYF for instead sold a Catch 13 on YoYoExpert, and had multiple choices for size, weight, etc. in addition color and bearing size, It could possibly simplify the process of creating a different yo-yo for each need.
This proposal obviously has lots of flaws, for instance, complicating the manufacturing process, but it’s just a thought.

The Lunatic’s smaller than the Severe? In that case, I’m SO getting one of those, instead of the Severe or MVP.

Yet to see the Tactic though…

The one im waiting for is the 888x :smiley: