YoYoFactory's MVP

YoYo Factory Unveils the awesome MVP

From YoYoSkills: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=2184 and YYF Countdown Blog: http://worldscountdown.googlepages.com/home

Its 2010. Cars don’t fly, you don’t live on the moon, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw a yo-yo that looks like the 1950’s.

MVP is the epitome of modern yo-yo play. Spin time taken to a new level, smoothness and stability others are yet to attain.
-Big, Bold, Wide, Powerful. MVP makes no excuses, the best rarely do.
-Center Trac bearing Standard. K-pads for stopping power.
-The only gimmick is performance.

MVP by YoYoFactory.


Diameter: 56.40 mm
Width: 40.15mm
Gap: 4.7mm
Weight: 67gm
Pad Type: Large skinny K-Pad
Bearing: Large (.250 x .500 x .187 in) Center Trac Bearing (by Central Bearing Co)
Material: 7075 grade alloy



I like your introduction. thnx for showing it i might consider it(i am considering it!!!)

Lol…I didn’t make the intro…haha YFF made it…


It is like an oversized C13.

That’s exactly what i said when i saw it!!!

Yea…the rims look thick on this one and they removed the nubs…

This is the only YYF I am actually interested in.


the only yyf ive liked is the superstar and dna, but i want to try a skyline and try a dv888 for more than 20 min

you will love the DV888 and the superstar…awesome yoyos

Yeah, I hear ya Jonas. I just want something NEW from YYF. I love all the new colorways, but all I’ve seen is shadow clones of stuff that’s already in their line-up. I guess a carbon copy of the C22 that’s affordable isn’t too bad an idea and I might end up getting one, but I want something F-R-E-S-H.

i had a ss and loved it

I don’t get the wow thing. I want a big yoyo, or something slightly smaller than 55mm (that area). The MVP is the only big YYF I actually want, even though it is a phat C13 (whichhas had mixed reviews). I might care less about the MVP when One Drop puts out their big stuff. But it still seems like an interesting yoyo.

I didn’t like the Superstar that much. It made my tricks slightly easier, but less fun to do.

Something about the Severe turns me off, don’t know what it is, but there’s a turn-off aura. The Lunatic looks interesting, but I want something a bit bigger. I’d like to see how the Tactic turns out. But I’m by no means going to blindly jump on it.

I honestly don’t care if YYF recycles some designs. Their yoyos are getting good feedback from people who play them. YYF has a lot of similar stuff out there, but they have some variety in their designs as well. I like to think that YYF has several versions of some yoyos, not just many yoyos. Like Die-Nasty and Counter Attack are versions of the PGM.

Addment: Oh did this post turn out way longer than intended.

@JonasK, 1drop’s lathe can only handle bar stock big enough for undesized yoyos, if they did make a full size yoyo each half will have to be put in the chuck increasing cost, so either the price will be higher with less yoyos or they get a new lathe (and i dont think that will happen for a while if ever)

lol nub…

You should really spend more time in the one drop chat:

EDIT: Thread title fail btw.

dam thats twice youve pwned me today lol, i would be on the chat but i gots classes to go to


May I ask what the first pwn was, because I didn’t catch that.

Mega thread hijack though. Let’s get back to this MVP.

I want some nice color on this one. I honestly dislike the red color in the picture. No boring splash, no acid wash, just a plain color. I’d love it bright.

I don’t get the use of 7075 aluminum though.


I ment wow…as in I was too interested in the MVP…

BTW…yes your post was longer than intended, but added a well put opinion


You double pwned your mother…

Anyways it’s an oversized recycled piece of crap IMO. You got the Genesis and the SS which are prob. the best “big” yoyos out there. We don’t need another one that will prob cost even more… If it turns out to be Yuuki’s signiture yoyo, I’ll be buying one. But I don’t think so.