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It seems that when I’m not in make a living land, I’m in guitar land, and when I’m not in guitar land, I’m in YOYOLAND hehe.

I first saw the Superstar last summer and although I was heavy into undersized throws at the time, the thing left a lasting impression on me. I think what stayed in my mind is it’s interesting shape and attractive finishes.


Shape: Wing
Weight (g): 69.10
Width (mm): 40.89
Diameter (mm): 56.39
Gap Width (mm): 5 mm
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width): C .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type: Fixed
Response: Turning Point K-Pad

Appearance: The Yoyo has a super shiny and glossy surface, I mean REALLY glossy. It looks more like a ceramic yoyo than aluminum. This is my first yoyo that looks like this. It has an acid wash finish which also marks its name. This one is the Acid Wash Edition Superstar. I feel this one has a very attractive look. I have the Blue/ Purple wash which looks wonderful in any kind of light, so I am more than satisfied with it cosmetically speaking.

Play/Feel: The feel of this in your hand is soft and plush. The Rounded rims really cushion the returns making this yoyo very comfortable all around; comfortable to hold, comfortable to throw and comfortable in your pocket.

On the throw, this yoyo is automatically stable, I would say even more stable than the Rockstar 2012. It feels like it’s on rails. It is narrower than the 2012 and a bit smaller in diameter, yet 2 grams heavier than the 2012. It really is a whole other level of play. And it offers very very good sleepers as well as excellent Combo Sleep times while your playing. On the String it has excellent balance throughout. No tilt, very high speed spinning and smooth. So smooth I think it’s the smoothest YYF I’ve played to date. They should have called it “The Smoothie” hehe.

The Superstar is all Catch Zone for effortless catches while In the gap there is a lot of space. At 5 mm, there is Plenty of room for layering string. It also has a low wall so you have less drag during side style or horizontal play. Personally, I always prefer a wide gap so this is perfect for me. The Superstar comes stock with a SPEC bearing which works fine if you prefer flats or If you like the KK’s it also works excellent. Either way it’s totally Unresponsive no matter what you use.

The Superstar plays really fast for it’s weight and slow when you want it to. I was expecting slower play from it but it’s design really makes it play light and nimble. Doing hops is so easy with this. Kind of Ironic. And it is very lofty, offering good float. Regarding the response, the Kpads are awesome as they produce very tight binds.

The Superstar comes with Hubstacks for those who like them. I personally don’t have a preference for or against them but, what really surprised me about these hubstacks is how QUIET they are in this model. Compared to the 888x which is a noisy beast, these are relatively quiet producing a minor hiss. The answer has to be that the 888X has a smaller inside cup which causes more noise reverb and echo coming from those hub bearings. While the Superstar has a wider inside cup where the noise is diffused. So this is a big plus for me as I hate extra noise. (I have not bothered to remove the hubstacks because I do not want to sacrifice weight here.)

Grinding is a snap with this yoyo. Good Arm Grinds, very good Finger grinds and Awesome IRG’s. Compared to the 888x this one has more thumb space and is far better for doing those IRG’s. The 888x’s hubstacks always get in the way, so I ended up removing them so I could do those. But with the Superstar it’s a non issue.

No need to run the gamut any further because it’s above other models that can do it all.

Conclusion: This is the Best YYF I’ve played. I am relieved because at a $120 bucks, it ought to be. It has everything you could possibly want. If you want an ultra premium yoyo from YYFactory. Get this. Hands down a sure thing.

very very good review! I especially like the detail in how the yoyo plays. Nothing bothers me more than a review saying “it’s a good yoyo.” “i like it.” Thank you for this very nice detail again :slight_smile:

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What’s up! Thanks for the support and I agree with your sentiments. I got some more coming down the pike so I really appreciate your comments. Keep throwin’!

Great review! I was wondering, how long was the sleep time?

Hey what’s up. Thanks for the support!

Well I consider this yoyo to have excellent sleep times. It edges out the Rockstar 2012. On a stock uncleaned bearing I got a good sleeper measuring 5:46 with it. Using a cleaned bearing I got 9:30 but I feel it can go for longer.

I absolutely love the Superstar. So much I have 3. Should be 4 but one got lost in the mail…Recently I have been playing my two more played ones with Rice and Z stacks. I love the power behind this yoyo. They play great with stacks. Z stacks are awesome in the SS they look classy and provide easier catches.

Unstacked the SS is still super stable but a lot more agile. You can’t go wrong in purchasing a Superstar.

Great review. Is that the Sup3rstar? Or an older run? They need to come out with more Beadblasted runs. I have a ridged acid wash version and a BB’d. Both grind excellently.

Wow, that’s a lotta love for the superstar indeed! I echo your sentiments about it too. I consider it one sweet yoyo. I got this one about a month and a half ago and my understanding is that it’s from a recent limited batch. I haven’t tried it with other types of stacks, maybe I will at some point. Thanks for the comments!

Stay cool!

No problem. Thank you for the review. I have wanted to write one myself but there are already so many well written ones available. Rice stacks add a nice aesthetic touch to the Superstar (or any yoyo for that matter) and are not quite as long as hubstacks. The Z stacks seem to slow my Superstar down a bit spin time wise but nothing too noticeable. It makes hubstack play much more feasible. Once I get good at catching the Z stacks I will work on catching the rice stacks. Although it seems incorporating hubstack tricks into a routine is nothing but awkward to say the least.

I wasn’t impressed with the superstar at all. I just didnt feel what was so special about it. My New Wing has less precession and is a lot smoother. It’s a really comfy shape but that’s about the only thing I like about it.

It was my favorite until I got my ava today.

Nice review :smiley:

well a product can’t be all things to all people. I understand your sentiments in that regard, I don’t like the supernova or catalyst as I feel they are marginal yoyos, however i find it hard to believe your superstar is not as smooth as something with less precision hehe. but maybe it is just your superstar. i have had some bad experiences with some other high end throws too from time to time. anyway thanks for the post.

thanks! and thanks for stopping by!

Same here man. I still love my SuperStar’s but the Ava is so sick. I just got mine last monday.

Excellent review! I love how shiny mine is! This is slightly off topic, but regarding the Ava, I temporarily lost mine this past weekend, for over a day…then when I went to the local bakery I frequent it turns out I’d forgotten it on a chair…the owner knew it was mine and held onto it for me. So incredibly thankful!!! Best throw ever.

Thanks- I have not heard of an Ava. I’ll have to see what it’s about.

Ava as in clyw avalanche haha

OH heh, thx for clarifying it’s aka “street” name hehe.

I was looking for a good YYF Superstar and here it is ! Great review, it contains everything you need to know about this yoyo.
I dont own one personally, so I use my friends Superstar, but I`m looking forward to buying one in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback… I hope you get one soon!