Yuuksta pics revealed! Specs and Price here!

New Yuuksta!!!

Diameter: 50mm
Width: 39 mm
Weight: 65 grams
Price: $65

Basically an undersized Genesis. Pretty sure its going to be in the Fundamentals. Selling at worlds. Release date is undecided. Looks great!

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If there was ever a cheasier name…

I know! ??? But still what a cool looking yoyo! Sorto like chaotic.

lol really i think it sounds stupid

It also ships with a CT bearing.

Yep! Great looking but 1 of the stupidest names to date!

Not as bad of a name as Adjust-o-matic. hahaha

I’d like to try this yoyo. I wasn’t crazy about the Genesis, but maybe an undersized version of it would be more comfortable for me to hold.

I think the name is cool. I can afford that then!!! OMG!!! I need one of those now, and it’s sooooo cheap!!! Yuuki Spencer is awesome by the way, but not as much as Tyler of course IMO. Also the release date is set on www.yoyofactory.com.

I saw the starlite look really awesome, a full plastic protostar.

If this is the same yoyo Ben let me try at BLC, it is LEGIT. Can’t wait for the production run.

I think it might be a full plastic northstar.

It Looks Awesome!
But, Its not a Fundametal just so you know.
Its just Fundametal Priced.

This is probably one of their most obvious copies IMO. Where it says “yuuksta” in that picture, it even looks a little bit “genesis” from a glance.

Shocking isn’t it? YYF never copies their yoyos and puts them under multiple names… /sarcasm

this happens.

888 - DNA

Yuuki Spencer signature? : o I’m surprised it doesn’t come with hubstacks. Honestly too much exposure from 888x Yuuki edition :stuck_out_tongue:
Let’s hope it performs fast like Yuuki usually goes : D

All yoyofactory does is undersize the yoyo and rename it. I think the chaotic was another 1 jusr like the genesis!

The added a Center Track, and the yoyo is wider. It doesn’t always have to be it’s own design you know.

Protostar and Northstar Have the same body, Northstar just has a flat hub and larger weight rings, thus making it heavier than a Protostar and allowing for longer spins. I want one.

The Yuuksta is a pretty umm…creative…name.

Yea i might get 1 myself… Love the protostar.