YYF Special Release Weekend!

Anyone else excited for this? I’m really hoping Gentry’s new sig will drop this weekend. On Ask.FM he says it’s called The Shutter.

There are more pictures here of what may be in store this weekend:


BUT! I think I may have spotted the Shutter in this photo. The greenish ones in a pyramid in the back look very similar in shape to the blue one that was in a recent photo I spotted floating around on the forum. Also the blue one towards the front looks rather interesting… Almost like a tweaked Genesis? Also, according to the logo on the blue one, it’s made of 7075.

My wallet is going to be doing work this weekend! ;D

Ahhhh! U want so many throws now!!!

Well, the Pink one has an Orange Slice engraved on it. I think it’s a New Genesis. Not the biggest fan of giant throws, but it’s suddenly at the top of my wants list. Oh the wonders orange slices can work…

And I do think the blue is an improved Genesis. It’s definitely as big as they said it was going to be. (Zen said it was 58mm I think?)

Wonder if they got permission before straight ripping off the Wu-Tang logo for Harold’s yoyo.

Gonna go out on a limb and say no.

Imho, it’s the best looking HOT so far — But I didn’t even consider the copyright issue. I don’t see why they wouldn’t? Harold obviously had a part in the design. It would be pretty strange if he was like “Lets use the Wu-Tang logo” and YYF just went with it, no questions asked. >.< Good point though.

And yes, I think the orange, blue, purple, and pink ones are all the same throw. If that green one is a Shutter, I don’t know if I like the look too much. I’m probably only going to pick up one of these new releases (alongside my Yeti) and as of right now I’m leaning towards that New Genesis(?). I’m definitely going to need to see some specs first, though!

Yomega did it with the Hells Angels logo… you never know.
It looks dope as all hell, for sure, but that’s likely because its not theirs.

Looking back at it, I’m almost positive Wu-Tangs people are being kept out of it. YYFs version took out the little part in the W to make it an H. Nice, guys. Gotta get around them copywright laws somehow.

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Ahh yes, I just noticed that too. I was going to mention it, but you beat me to it.

Oh, and a couple of those pink ones look like CZM8’s, and the ones with the orange slices look like Genesi— But I’ve no idea what those pinks ones are that are stacked on top of eachother? Another brand new throw, perhaps? And also the blue blizzard looking one at the bottom of the HUGE stack of superstars next to the 1080s… It almost looks like a puffin. lol.

In any case, I hope we get some special prices this weekend! :slight_smile:

Want Superstar, CZM84DT, New Genesis, and New Protostar.

HUGE props to Yoyofactory this year for releasing such awesome looking and I’m guessing crowd pleasing throws.

There are 3 new Genesis. They are all 2mm wider than the 2012 there is one 6061 that’s 69.5g one 6061 that’s 68.5 and a 7075 that’s 67.5. They were all designed for Luis. He’s deciding on which one he likes best and they will be released later this year I think. I’d imagine they’ll keep the 7075 and one 6061 to sell depending on his likings. The Genesis being one of my favorites this excites me. I wouldn’t be suprised if some are for sale during these special releases. Oh and whoever said its 58mm that’s my bad I thought the diameter was 2mm bigger not the width :smiley:

The 7075 is the lightest?..

That’s going to make for some very interesting comparisons.

…and why do you have all this information?! lol

They designed Miguel’s signature yoyo for Luis? Sounds like his information is flawed, so I wouldn’t put any weight behind it.

I have my sources…(instagram) But yeah I think they always make the 7075 lightest because they take the center weight out.

Well of course I’m not going to call his information 100% correct, but I wouldn’t put that out of the question. Perhaps Miggy likes the old Genesis just the way it is, and when YYE decided to work on an updated version, Luis jumped on the opportunity. It is Luis’ go-to competition throw, and he made quite the splash in the contest scene at this past BAC, so they could very well be giving him is own version of the Genesis. Not to mention—

It DOES have Luis’ name on it. lol. :wink:

By that logic the Super G is a Genesis.

YYF has been stepping there game up recently. I like it.

I have almost gained back all the respect I lost for them when they did the atrocious re ano on those yoyos awhile back. haha

Can’t wait to try the New Severe, New Genesis, and New Superstar.

They talked about this on their Ask.fm channel. The Genesis is still Miguel’s throw, these are just special versions for Luis. I don’t even think these are the “New Genesis” yet, in the same sense that the New Supernova is Tyler’s newest signature yoyo.

These are some great looking yoyos, that’s all I know.

This. These are special edition Genesis’s that have been slightly tweaked to Luis’s preferences.

I was going to mention the Super G myself…

But actually, the Super G is a Super G. :wink:

Gentry made a design based off of the Genesis. A very extreme redesign, if you will. Luis is doing the same thing in a less extreme fashion, and I’m sure if he wants to rename it, YYF will do so. If not, then it’s just going to be what the others said. A very special edition.

I concur with what was posted earlier, based on my readings. I’ll copy this from YYF ask.fm:

If Luis is getting customized Genesis…es… does that mean Miguel Correa has “handed it over” and is planning to retire from the team?

No, we just want Luis to have every advantage possible to him with his equipment.

What I read further is that Luis’s favorite yo-yo was the Genesis, so they just made a few different versions of it, in small quantity, so Luis could select the version he thought might benefit him most at Worlds. I got the understanding that those Luis versions will be available in very small quantity, for a limited time only. That’s what I gathered from keeping up.

Here’s a little bit more straight from there instagram,

“Luis wanted an edge. For his quest to become World YoYo Champion we created a quiver of his favorite yoyo GENESIS made in a range of weights, materials and finishes. The left two are built specifically for Florida, hence the citrus theme (6061, tumbled finish 69.4gm and 68.3gm respectively). The blue is 7075 (67.1gm) and the violet / blue /pink is just for the heck of it. Luis will make his decision on which to choose later this week.”


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