gentry stiens new signature?


Hey guys, have you heard of gentrys new signature yoyo? Ive seen it in real life and the shape looks pretty nice. Do you know about it?

(UmeNagisa) #2

What’s it called? Shape? Size?


picture? video? anything?


Lol, gats hat im asking for!
Was i like the first to say this? Is it still secret for yyf? Cuz i see gentry every week and he only had a prototype… And nobody knows about it i guess…


gats hat

Autocorrect is hilarious.


Well you said you’ve seen it in real life, could you give us some details? Or was this just a thread so you could subtly brag you meet Gentry every week and know about Top Secret YYF stuff? :smiley:


Relax bro, I played the new Supernova prototype (pretty nice). YYF does a lot of meet ups and other things. They are very active, which is why they remain my second favorite company.


Well, I dont mean to brag, buuuutttt…

Well it was blue XD hmmm, it KINDA reminded me of the new superstar, the shape was H with a little bit of beefy runs I think. A girl tried it and said its a little bit floaty, then he said “floaty?” so im guessing its solid… I dont really remember…


Probably just a new Super G to be released with everything else this year or early next.


It wasn’t even close to the shape if the super g or g funk, just saying…


Based on their, there is going to be another new yoyo for Gentry in the works (2 in total)


These are picsfrom gentry instagram that I think are his new sig, or it might be a yoyo I never seen not from yyf you decide.


Heres a video that shows him using it I think-


I think that’s the new superstar.
He has both, and that was the superstars color I think.

(UmeNagisa) #15

The new super star is 47mm wide or close to it.
The yoyo in the pics look much thinner


You can see it a lot better in the pic with the computer and it looks nothing like a Superstar.


After i posted i was wondering that.
I asked gentry what he’s going to name it and he didn’t tell me the name, so I think it is the one in the video (the description says "yoyos used:yoyofactory H.O.T,yoyofactory (?))


I was talking to him briefly about it at YoLexTravaganza, and he’s not allowed to talk about it until it is released, which I think will be during Worlds. I did see it, looks like something I might like.

That’s good. I don’t care for the G-Funk or the SuperG.


Im also excited to see a normal shaped throw from him. Im afraid that the super G’s shape just wouldn’t fit me.

How do yoyo players come up with the name for their throws? Im pretty sure the G in super g and g funk is gentry.

EDIT: oh ya, he told me the G is for Gentry.