Yoyos by signature.

Which yoyo do you have are signature yoyos.

Jensen kimmit: Clyw Wooly Marmot 2. Electric Bacon.

Patrick BORGERDING : Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0.

Gentry stein: Yoyofactory Shutter and Yoyofactory Regen.

Alex Garcia:Yoyofactory Loop 808.

Zac RUBINO : Duncan Skyhawk.

Team Shaqler: Yoyofactory Shaqlerstar.

Paul Kerber : Yoyofactory Horizon sold it now.

I know it’s some work for people with big collections.

Tyler Severence: Space Cowboy
Zach Gormley: Arctic Circle 2
Akitoshi Tokubuchi: Draupnir
idk what else

Don’t you have a brserker ss?

Gentry stein-2014 silver champion shutter
First unresponsive Yoyo. I want to buy a spacecowboy or rapid Yoyo

Takahiro Iizuka

Legacy 2- Andre boulay
Shaqulerstar- team shaquler
TP paranoid- shinji saito
Shutter- gentry stein
Horizon - Paul kerbel
John narum- inspire

CZM8 - Vashek Kroutil
CZPoint - Vashek Kroutil

whos sig is that?

H3X and Dark Magic
Wooly Marmot
Loop 1080
NoJive 3 in 1 Ed Haponik edition

I think there’s more but I can’t come up with them at the moment

valor- vilmos zoltan kiss
krown(soon)-shinya kido

I’m not sure if you mean still in production, but here are the ones I have so far:

Augie Fash: Boss, Catalyst, Electric Flash;
Tyler Severance: Nova, Supernova, Delrin Severe, New Supernova, Space Cowboy;
Yuuki Spencer: Yuuksta
Vashek Kroutil: VK, VKss, CZM8
Grahaeme Steller: Gradient
Gentry Stein: G Funk, Replay, Shutter, Super G., Regen
Dirtbag Yeti: Avalanche :smiley:
Luis Enrique: Aviator
Harold Owens III: H.O.T., TooH.O.T.
Raphael Matsunaga: Barracuda
Petr Kavka: Cliff
Pat Borgerding: Cyborg, Cyborg 2.0
Hank Freeman: Triumph
Paul Dang: Dang
Daniel Dietz: Dietz, Prodigy
Eric Koliski: New Breed
Miguel Correa: Genesis
Paul Kerbel: Horizon
Mo Chavez: Mini Motrix, Micro Mo
Takeshi Matsuura: Quest
Andre Boulay ;D : Dark Magic, Dark Magic II, Legacy, Hex
Zach Gormley: Arctic Circle, Arctic Circle 2
Boyd Seth: Bear vs. Man, Bear vs. Man 2
Steve Brown: Die Nasty, Roll Model
Christopher Chia: Anglam CC
Jensen Kimmitt: Wooly Marmot 2, Northstar
Mark Montgomery: Markmont Next, Markmont Classic, Wooly Markmont
Johnnie Delvalle: Xcon Pro, Hitman Pro
CJ Atkinson: Omnicron X
Ryan Gee: Hatchet 2
Kohta Watanabe: Strix
Palli: Puffin, Puffin 2
Hiroyuki Suzuki: Speeder 2, Equilateral ?, Chaser
Vilmos Zoltan Kiss: Valor
Ng Wang Kit: Gungnir
David Molnar: Dymension
Plamek: Heartbeat
Shinya Kido: Krown
Shu Takada: Shu-Ta
Rick Wyatt: Kickside
Grant Johnson: Revolution
Balint Farkas: Fever
Joseph Harris: Unleashed
Yoshi Mikamoto: Cerberus
John Narum: Inspire

I can’t think of all of them right now. Maybe I’ll do an edit later.


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I thought that ta won’t do it because of numbers of yoyos she has but she did it.

@Gambit That’s my kind of post, it got me excited! All about the Benjamins. :wink:

@mysterious Parvarsingh I finished writing that one and took a nap. I was going to write a few, then I couldn’t stop thinking if there might be more of them. Then, I would forget some of the player names like, “What is his name again?” Then I’d Google to find it, or pull up a pic of the yo-yo. It took me awhile. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I noticed that I still need an original Diamondback, the Diamondback 2, a Supernova lite, and a Legacy III. :wink:

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My throws by Signature:
Aqua Shutter-Gentry Stein
OG 2008 Blue VK California-Vashek Kroutil
Aqua Vkss-Vashek Kroutil
Orange w Red Splash 2012 Supernova-Tyler Severance
MVP Paul Kerbel Edition-Paul Kerbel
Galaxy Horizon-Paul Kerbel
John Chow Monster-John Chow

OG Shark vs Zombie Beaver BVM-Boyd Seth
OG Wooly Marmot-Jensen Kimmitt
SB Black Basselope-Sebastian Brock
Clairview Station Blizzard Canvas-Jensen Kimmitt
Hulk Smash Blizzard Puffin-Palli
Hulk Smash BVM2-Boyd Seth
Hot Fire Lava Sasquatch-Alex Berenguel
Blizzard AC2-Zach Gormley
28stories Puffin2-Palli
Clear Orca-Harrison Lee

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I’m looking at all these people like TA and here I’m like >.< Holy shrimp people are rich… and I need more sigs:
Ben Conde: Go Big

If I count ones I’ve played though:
André Boulay: Dark Magic 2
Shu Takada: Loop 1080

Was the YYJ Pinnacle an AJ Kirk sig? No right? since I have that…

Hmmm, a few people have named some special editions that are named after a player, not necessarily a signature model. For example Ann Connolly has a record number of special editions named after her, but none are her signature models. If we list those too, I’d need a lot longer to come up with that list. That might need a separate thread of it’s own. :smiley: I think the Monster was already made, and then there was a John Chow special edition that came out. Was it the same with John Ando and the Superstar? I almost listed that one, but it seemed like there was just a special edition for him. If you know for sure, fill me in.

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Palpitation- Takeshi Matsuura
Arctic Circle 2- Zach Gormley
Puffin 2- Palli
Gradient- Graeme Steller

As far as I know my only signatures thus far are:

Gentry Stein: Replay Pro, Regen

And an honorable mention for Ann Connolly signature Ammo. :slight_smile:

Replay Pro- Gentry Stein
Supernova- Tyler Severance
AC2- Zach Gormley
Rapid- Jake Elliot
Shu-Ta- Shu Takada
Loop 1080s- Shu Takada
Broken Protostar- John Ando