What would you name your signature yoyo?


State what company and the name of the yoyo.
Mine would be the yyr j squared


Werrd Masterpiece


G-Squared Plague


Zeekio MoodyO

(DOGS) #5

Diverse Animals Nano


yoyo mega brain

(Former National 4A Champion) #7



I think mine would have to be the One Drop Cracker (my name is Grahame) - Graeme Stellar should have gone with that, but Gradient is pretty cool too :wink:


basically following the trend of speeder-accelerator-etc


The yoyofactory ninja


Probably the Phenix


ehe. “jerker”


The Tropic Spins Ba-
Oh wait, can’t tell you guys.


Cool name.

Also, “the legend” would be nice as well


One Drop Skin’n’Bones.

Or the Once Upon A Tree “Son of a Birch.”


Mine would be the One drop Juan Drop


OD Ignorance.

Because, “Ignorance is bliss.” It’d be be a very comfortable organic that’s a mix between the MC and Viszilla/Bapezilla.2. Shape of the MC except with rounded faces on the rims like the zillas, and the diameter of the zillas but a bit wider for the response step like the MC.

(Zammy Ickler ) #18

Names I have thought over the years for a possible signautre yoyo:

-Black Death



Yoyorec Namaste

({RTD} alecto) #20

my signature would probably be named kunz after the guy who has influenced me the most in yoyoing. Whats interesting is its actually being build now out of wood… yes a ball bearing yoyo made out of wood.