Your Signature Series

I know that we all have goals. I bet a lot of us want to be sponsored by a company in the future like YYJ, YYF, CLYW, Duncan, etc.

I have a question for all of you that have big dreams and goals:

If you had a signature series what would you name it, the main style of play, name theme, material, and general structure?

Remember that your signature series should fit a lot of people’s style not just yours; also consider not stealing designs and make sure to add some accesorries like stacks or synergy caps and regular caps.

If possible try putting a picture but if you can’t describe it as best as possible.

I think that seeing what a person’s “perfect” yo-yo is tells a lot about their personality and character. Remeber we are all friends…

I’ll post Mine up once I’m done with the designs.

Well it would be really hard to discribe,but I know it would likely be dead unresponsive,have some special bearing or whatever and have a wied gap but not really big a diameter.It would also have some cool hubstack system.I dont know about the name if I this ever happens but I will find out if it ever does. :wink:

Hmmm. I hope no one steals this my idea of Celcon and Metal Rim mix… Mine would be called Time Machine and The first one would be a metal rimmed yoyo with celcon plastic instead of polycarbonate (Don’t know why they don’t do that) with a rim (Nickel Copper Aluminium Alloy) slightly narrower (6-7 millimeters?) than the X-con and more rounded but still flat at the end where the yoyo connects with the plastic for easier arm grinds. The shape would be between a Speeder and DNA. Probably leaning toward the Speeder. The response would be Double Silcone and would weigh about 66 grams. It would be about 3-5 millimeters wider than the Speeder and have a diameter about 2.25 inches. (Sorry about switching the units but I’m relating yoyos so its a little annoying to convert.) Oh and inside the caps, it there would be an inner grinding cavity and possibly either small spikes or small hubstacks.

There it is.

Oh and Caps. I would use either mirrored caps or a fractal design on a plastic cap.

badly drawn image

MUAHAHAHAA! Mage, i just stole your celcon idea :stuck_out_tongue:

If i had a signature yoyo, i would call it the Dark Decadence.

It’s designed for 1A, handling more than 7 layers of string without slowing down the yoyo, speed play (cutting shape), Gyroscopic flopping, finger grinding on the rims and new gen string grinding on the rims.

It would be very heavy, about 75 grams?

The thing about this yoyo is, the groove on the rims, for finger grinding and string grinding, would be perfect for making new gen tricks. I would consider it perfect!

If I had a signature series, it would most definently be a metal. It would be called the Print. Then I would make a special edition with my fingerprint on it called the fingerprint. It would be an undersized yoyo. Like 50-53 mm diameter or something like that. I want a weight of 64 grams or something in that specific area. If I would want a specific shape. Hmm. I would have a rounded shape, but it would be almost flat on the rims and a very steep curve when it get closer to the gap.

Looks. Imagine like a massive blue fingerprint on a white body. Or a massive black fingerprint on an orange body. Of course this will just be a lot of big curved lines, but the named Fingerprint special edition will have my fingerprint on it, as a sign of quality control and people will think: “ooooh, he touched it.” No sidecap.

If this would be everyones yoyo, HSpin whould make it. You just can’t deny the Switzerland beats about any country when it comes to, yeah about everything. They are known for their beer, cheese chocolate, watches, knifes and also yoyos. They are very crafty in there.

And while speaking about goals. Since I come from Norway, my firsty goal would be to get the whole country into yoyoing and possibly open a store there. Nowadays we have absolutely no yoyo community here and the only contest you can sign up with yoyos on is Norway’s got talent (America’s got talent, just in Norway). We also happen to have a big source of aluminum here, so material for a yoyo won’t be that hard to find.

Whats the point in having a signature series if its not to match your style?

For instance the Bassalope by CLYW is a small bearing Pad response metal yoyo… now its having that setup because its what Sebastian Brock wants not what he thinks everyone else will want in a yoyo.

No matter what the yoyo is if the person has the rep to sell the yoyo people will buy it.


Yeah. The whole point with making a signature serie for yourself is to make it fit your style. And if you are really good and innovative, people will be inspired by you and want your yoyo. So if I wanted to make a square
people would still buy it.


I so want that square yoyo. lol

If you get one of those, you have to tell us how it grinds. :wink:

That would be harsh coming up to your hand on a bind still spinning, or even worse hitting you in the face can we say stitches.

What yoyo? The square one or Dark Decadence?

And the square one looks really cool. It’s a shame that it will eliminate grinds. It may be good for stalls and such. But I really think B.I.S.T has got some very strange ideas.

The square one. :smiley:


The series would be called Citte. Specs… Things…Info

      It will (Positive) have Celcon body, but will have changable rings like YYF OS. This is the wierd part- One pair is Metal and one is Polycarbonate. The base will be 60g, the metal rings are 4.5gs and Poly are 2.5 gs ea. It is a TRUE envy hShape for amazing grinds. Diamiter is 2.02in.

The width will be 1.16in. It has built in z-stacks caps. It would be 1a.

What about the response system? Where would it be and what would it be?

Dont know! haha just drew it in 5 minutes with nothing to do :stuck_out_tongue: I guess with editing the design a bit, recessed sili, like in meteors and legacy’s, not sure where though rofl!

That is a really unique and cool design. You would probably have to have a special sticker that covers more area since the gap is so wide near the bearing.

good idea lol, i guess i’ll need to change the design a lot lol, the gap so wide is pretty unrealistic, the thing won’t wind out properly lols, unless the yoyo is way smaller than i was imagining, it might be possible! hahas

Also the way the rims curve in make for a very uncomfortable feel. Imagine if you threw it hard then you were to give a tight bind right after. It would kill your hands, lol.

lol thats what i noticed after drawing it! Im thinking of something like rubber lining/rims around those metal rims, something like the speed dial rims, but speeder rim shaped. That should almost slighly help! haha only started thinking after drawing that pic :-[

hahaha. Then its similar to my idea in a bit! How about we co-design? Lol JK.