Your own signature throw


If you could have your own signature throw what would it be like? Who would make it? Any special features or color ways?

For me, these are a few general things:
-great fingerspin bowl like the c3 move (best fingerspin cup in my collection by far)
-lots of rim weight like the horizon
-7075 for durability
-great finish for grinds
-made in America
-made by yoyofactory
-42mm width
-56mm diameter

-blue with green and white (like a globe sort of)
-American flag
-galaxy color ways
-royal blue with part of the rims silver (kind of like gentry’s shutter)

I would also like a signature zstacked yoyo:

-same things as the other yoyo except zstacks instead of the finger spin cup.


Fixed axle, interesting wood grain (manzanita maybe?), take apart design, No Jive inspired shape, 55-ish grams.


Special features:
Tricks already installed.

Half red,half black,
Polka dots (we need this)
Funds allowing, Itchy and Scratchy.


Ever since I started branching off of the YYE tricklist I’ve always dreamed about having a signature yoyo or designing and producing my dream yoyo. I’ve thought a lot about what my perfect yoyo would be over the years even though it’ll probably never happen ::slight_smile: It’s changed a little over the years as I’ve gotten better and seen/played more yoyos but the general idea hasn’t changed much.

Diameter: 55mm. I used to want an oversized yoyo but I’ve come to realize that larger doesn’t always mean better.
Width: 43mm
Weight: 65g
Gap Width: 4.7mm
Bearing: Gold Plated Concave NSK
Response: Irpad
Material: 7068 Aluminum w/ steel rims (Titanium body for a special edition ;D )
Finish: Beadblasted

Overall design: Angular Multi-Step V shape design for the catchzone. Irony JP, Stalker 2, and maybe 2Sick Knight would be the closest yoyos out right now that fits what I have in mind. It would have a cut near the response area for improved horizontal capabilities. Cup would have straight cuts(not rounded like something like the Duncan Strix) that lead to a small, flat hub. This is what I have in mind for the best possible fingerspin yoyo with a flat hub. 2Sick Knight would be closest to what I have in mind, but it’s not quite the same. 7068 body would be very thin to maximize the size of the steel rims which would be attached to the side of the yoyo like the Nightmare or Haymaker.

If anyone’s seen the latest prototype by Sengoku, it’s by far the closest yoyo to what I have in mind for a signature. Shape is almost identical, specs aren’t too different either.


That’s cool to hear! Hopefully it turns out to be close to what you want, then you do kind of get you signature :wink:


I already have one :wink: The moment I saw it I knew I had to have it. Started saving up right away :smiley:


Mine would be an undercut bimetal. It would be 48 by 48 mm. It would have a great fingerspin cup, and have the option of hubstacks.


You like hubstacks too?!?


Does this proto have a large diameter and L shaped bimetal rings?


-50mm diameter.
-40mm width.
-As close to 50g weight as possible, 52.5g max.
-Blasted nickel plated body (think nickel MMC finish), machined as thin as possible out of 7075.
-Brushed bronze exterior weight rings.
-Very smooth no-frills organic profile. Don’t care about the cup, just as thin as possible for the body.
-Flow groove response.
-OD 10 ball bearing, because I’d want it machined by OD.

(Zammy Ickler ) #11

I believe its going to look a little something like this, yall. :wink:




(Spinworthy Glen) #13

My signatute would be 62mm in diameter, 49mm width with irPad sandwich response (two irPads stuck on top of each other in both halves) with a platinum coated eleven ball -that’s right- ELEVEN ball bearing with gold plated ceramic balls, size A.

The body would be made of modest titanium coated in 6061 aluminium, then coated again in 7075 aluminium followed by 7068 rings near the hub of the cup, then midway, then on the edge. The 7068 rings are coated in Stainless steel then plated with platinum.

The whole thing would be splashed with approximately 500 different colours, then powder coated completely white.

It will be made in Antarctica and sold for $5 AUD.

Basically, no frills, no nonsense design.


Sir, you have very simple tastes. My only suggestion is a 13 ball bearing…just for luck!


Is the same yoyo I’m working! :o
we open a company together ?! ;D


It would be a Too Hot with a Finger Spin Divot and art inspired by Primus.


That’s the one! I have a black one.


Still available at YoYoExpert!


But his went to 11 :wink:


I still want one of these. It just looks so cool.