Signature yoyos.

Something I constantly think about is, if I wher sponsored by a company and they told me they wanted to make me a sig yoyo an I could make it however I wanted, what would I do. I want to know what you would want . Tell us what company you would want, material, shape, bearing, color, weight, size, or even what the box will look like. I’ll start it off.

I would want a SE Frim DUNCAN, full metal I’n bright red. It would be 64ish grams, small bearin sili sg response, bead blast, with a shape similar to a rAptor, only rounder rims, and a flatter butterfly part, with 2 wooden caps, both with a little picture of an old school yoyo, and my signature. With one white poly string. Hub?

I would want the roundest, bubbliest thing in town. 53-54mm diameter. Prolly around 68-70 grams. Needs an odd distribution…

Oh yeah, and it’d be purple.

67 grams
56mm D
44mm W

A true winner there…

Um well mine would be…well…this.

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What I would want in my signature series is:
65 grams
A good inner ring for thumb grinds
anodized finish
this is a recipe for amazment

The body or a genesis, but the size of an 888… oh wait

I like that idea of incorporating the wood caps on a metal throw. Kind of a “old meets new” sorta thing!

why did I ever let mine go… :’(

duncan really…

I always felt this conversation went something like this….

Yoyo company) Hey, sponsored player…that we sponsor…here is your new signature yoyo…
Sponsored player) really…? Cause I was thinking some thing more H shape…and around 66 grams….
Yoyo company) Ha…Ha Ha Ha….you are cute kid…! Go try on those underpants I brought you…I wanna see how they fit….


Theyre amazing yoyos dude.

And thanks! I thought it’d be cool

Hmm… I would want to be sponsered by clyw
69 grams
H shape (kind of like a g5 meets phenomizm)
either 28 stories paint or black with gold splash, silver speckle
all metal
and 24k gold rim (kinda like phenom, but the rim instead of the uhh… I don’t know what you call that area)
hubstacks (on a clyw :open_mouth: )
2.2" diameter
1.6" width
5mm gap
silicone response

I would like mine to be chunky and full of unnecassary curves for the shape. the finish should feel something like an avacado. It would be full sized, heavy but fast moving like the Phenom, color would be purple with green acid wash, and it would have a laser ingraving in the hub saying “BunzNuts”.

Good topic!!! I want:

^protostar shape but a little more rounded

same finish as wooly markmont. I think its nickel plated with something else. So silver.

Inside I want to design my own marks. The box= Same as CLYW and I would graphic design that as well. Put my .com on it.

depends on the company… dont get me wrong i bet some do do that but others i think actually llow their players to choose

A small round heavy yoyo. What ever finish General Yo uses. I would like the colorways to be solid, no splashes. But this will probably not happen.

Man, I just want my signature yoyo to be turned into a metal version and I would be happy for the rest of my life. :slight_smile:


Just make it spin and don’t make it too heavy. I’m not hard to please.

If the rims were made of 24k gold, they would be all bent and mushed out of shape before the end of the week. Possibly even if you got it on a Saturday.

I already have my signature yoyo(s)… You just grab a potato(or other root vegetable of your choice), carve a groove where the string would go, wrap the string around it, and there you go…