signature series


If you could have the chance to make a signature yoyo what would it be called and what would it be/play like. I’ll start

Name: Everest

The Everest will be a full sized yoyo, somewhere between 55-56 mm in diameter and 43-44 mm width, it would be solid, maybe somewhere around 67-68 grams but won’t feel like a brick. Maybe an H-shape or a rounded V-shape


Named “Core”
diameter: 54.3 mm
Width: 40.2 mm
Weight 69.8 g
Response: sili or aqua snow tires

The Core would play like Honey Boo Boo’s mom jumped into the loop in place of the yoyo. Heavy as all get-out. I want a yoyo so solid, it would feel like a truck that had amnesia and now thought it was a yoyo. It would be an organic-shaped yoyo, with titanium weight rings to add to the heavy feeling. And they wouldn’t be small weight rings; they would go on until just around 5mm further out than the bearing is (from a height perspective). This would be like lateral caps, but better, allowing you to use your finger to hold the yoyo while it’s spinning.


Name: Horus
Diameter: 54 mm
Width: 43mm
Weight: 66.6
Response: Snow Tires

The Horus is a wide, more organic, v shaped yoyo. Shape similar to a cascade a tiny bit thinner and a little more of a v. The horus plays FAST!!! VERY zippy!! It would have a little float to it, but play stable and solid, like an anglam cc or an angle.the horus would come stock with a buudha ripple bearing. The horus is black matte annodized, with a purple logo that is an eye of horus surrounding the hub of the yooy, using the hub as a pupil. It comes with purple strings. The box is the same as the packaging the sine// saw, so it can double as a novus box type thing


sounds very… interesting…


Name: Ascension
Everything else: I’ve tried a whole three yoyos… Not really sure what my preferences are…

  Yeah, all I know is it would have Z-Stacks that extend past the rim of the yoyo. Cool, right?


i wouldn’t but it because during a missed whip you could get the string caught on the stack then spin out.

name: flare
diameter: 54
width: 42
weight: 66
response: 19mm

nice rounded shape with a titanium ring inlay then after the ring swooping into response to look like NVx shaped. with a medium paced play and solid playing.

(UmeNagisa) #7

Then they can be used as stunt pegs! :slight_smile:


that is true the yoyo came pre installed with stunt pegs i’d buy that.


Shape: rounded v w/ slight h
Material made: aluminum with titanium weight rings
Weight: 68.9
response: ir pad “slim”
Gap: 43.5
diameter: 55
Bearing: twisted trifecta

A yoyo with disc side effects, a bead blast finish and choice of splash or solid colors. Plays very fast and spin like a truck. Also is light in hand, play horizontal greatly.


It’d probably have to be made entirely out of titanium in order to get the extremely thin walls that would be needed to keep the weight in check.

The fact that I want it to play like a brick is due to the fact that organic yoyos have the habit of being unstable/spinning out due to the high walls


“I | The Magician”
Bell shape, or slight v
Wood with silver weight rings, fine or sterling, with leather scrollwork.
50-52mm diameter, 40ish width.
Side effects preferred.

(SR) #12

The Perfect YoYo

56.50mm ~ Diameter
44.50mm ~ Width
65.50g ~ Weight
CBC Slim Pad ~ Response
CBC Center Trac ~ Bearing

Organically shaped, but nevertheless, still built for competition.

I want a very simplistic yoyo. No steps, no rim cuts, ridges, or anything. Here is a rendering I did, it’s based off a Chief if you’re wondering. To me this would be the most perfect yoyo ever.


So. Much. Want.


Man SR, that yoyo just plain looks awesome…




Name: da bomb
Dia: 52.5
Width: 40
Bearing:yyj speed
Response: genyo pads
Medium speed and medium float.

(Zammy Ickler ) #17

This is what I wanted when I was a part of Onedrop:

Name: The Zwag and or The Ike.
Dia: 57.5
Width: 45
Bearing: 10 ball bearing
Response: Flowgroove pads.

Essentially I wanted a cross fusion of the Cascade and the Code2 put together without the use of SE. I wanted a throw that felt light on the throw but actually would sleep forever. So a good balance.

You’ll never see this idea happen now.

(UmeNagisa) #18

That would have been amazing!
The light, but spin forever idea is probably my favorite. I love yoyos like that
Like the Fragment


(UmeNagisa) #20

For me I have 2 ideas.
I Have too many tastes, so here are my main 2.

57 dia
40 width
Hat pads
D Bearing
7075 alloy

The goal is to have an ultimate tech yoyo, with a thin width, and small bearing to maximize spin.
and the weight is low, to ensure prolonged play time with less fatigue.
Perfect for 1a and 3a

and the other

57 dia
45 width
c bearing
6061 alloy

The goal of this is to have a very floaty, semi wide yoyo.
for very smooth transitioning, and easy to hit large scale slacks etc.
Not too fast, just a very comfortable to throw yoyo.

So pretty much, the first is a bigger fragment with a more comfortable shape

and the second is a larger diameter Summit