If you could create a new throw..


If you could create a new throw, how would it look? How would it play, etc?

If I could create a new throw I would want it to be by YYF, It would be all plastic with hubstacks, undersized (like a POPstar), and would come in blue w/ hot pink acid wash (like the supernova lite), with a size C konkave bearing, it would have a wide gap, built like the grind machine, and the price would be $35 ;D


I would like a yo with an awesome shape, a purple hardcoat, weighs about 68 grams, does good grinds, has a c sized flat bearing, and spins forever. yea, it spins until you bind it, and it doesn’t use a motor. Hehe, perpetual energy.


I would like to see YYJ make another offstring yoyo similar diameter to the fiesta xx only a few mms wider. It would be machined delrin instead of molded celcon with a thicker or possibly turned in lip to give it extra rim weight for spin time. Absolutely no rubber rims so you can bounce it without it flying away. It would have a decently wide gap for an offstring. C sized bearing. Silicone response. Simple design/solid colorways for the most part. Maybe call it the “Flying Circus” or “Circus Act”. It would basically be everything i like about the Fiesta XX with some higher end flare. I would be happy paying $40-$50 for it.

PS: Yoyojam, please read this!


it would be by CLYW, my dream sponsor. It would be called the WildFire. A shape similar to the SPYY Solaris, but a little wider and less angular. It would have a sick red/orange acid wash with black and yellow speckle. weigh 66.8 g, and be 42 mm wide and 53.6 mm in diameter. 8) :stuck_out_tongue:


nice 8)

(M.DeV1) #6

it would be 52mm and weigh 65 it would have a nice rounded shape like the raptor and use a small a size bearing. with silicone response. a nice crimson color with a wonderful finish for amazingly smooth and long grinds. an extra lip for IRGs and the lip will help with extra weight toward the edges for longer spin and better stabability. it would be a duncan+spyy colaboration.


I would buy that!


Ikr :o


That is like my perfect yoyo.


shape similar to a genesis but make the rims a bit more angular 58 mm diameter 68.5 weight slighty wider gap flowable silicone flat c bearing ;D


I would have to say the height of my dark magic, but thinner by a little bit (little bit wider than a popstar), Slow curve like the 888 and the popstar outside/(inner outsides like where the caps are on a dm) straight up heavy like a 70 or 72… never had a small bearing i’ve only been rockin Cs but i would throw in a smaller bearing just for flava and the width of the gap, i’d say about g5. this yoyo would be about precision and rim weight but just enough in the center for stability.

other dream yoyo would be a really messed up shape… i cant describe it at all, but i made a mental sketch and its crazy ??? :o ??? :o ??? ;D :smiley: :wink:


could you draw it and pm it to me lol i’d really like to see it ;D

(Edmeister) #13

a titanium gold plated 24k karat diamond , never tigtehend string , unbreakable string , fire proof , ultra mega , sound proof , responsive/unresposnsive butterfly shaped yoyo
All for 99,999,999$




I don’t care what the specs would be, but it would be called the “Black Hole”, “Hurricane”, or the “Spinstar”

Wait, is there a yoyo called the spinstar?



Hmm… A hybrid between a V and H shaped throw. Diameter 56.5 mm (my perfect Dia) and a width of 43mms. 67.5 grams and big fat rims with no IRG. Oh yeah!

(Jei Cheetah) #17

A yoyo that injures people.
Makes them not like it and get mad at me.
To which I would laugh and say “Go eat an apple”

But seriously, something weird, like, anti moth shaped. Anti grinding surface, anti thumb grind rim, anti long spin anti anti anti


Something small diameter and wide (Not super wide.) and a sharp flare look with grooves in it. Also a nice IRG lip.


Why don’t you just drill a hole in a river rock and tie a string to it?


Slightly oversized, shaped like a severe, smooth as an 888, about 64 grams with rubber o rings that adjust the weight, like side effects except not on the axle