Your signature series Yo-Yo: What would it be?

You know how most of the Pros have Signature Yo-Yos, right?

EXAMPLE: Andre’ Boulay’s Signature Yo-Yo is the Dark Magic.

Well, If you were on a professional Yo-Yo team and you could design your own Yo-Yo, what would it be?

My Signature Yo-Yo:

Manufacturer: Yoyojam
Name: The Striker
Diameter: 2.20"
Width: 1.63"
Gap Width: .16"
Response: Silicone rings
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing: Size C
Description: Aluminum Yo-Yo with Metallic-Emerald matte paint. No caps, has lip for Thumb-grinds. Comes in standard Yoyojam box with Polyester green string.

PS. I would recommend you base your Yo-Yo’s stats on the stats of your favorite real Yo-Yos so the Yo-Yo you make up can have all your favorite aspects in it(Like the shape of a Speeder, the weight of the Legacy, and the response of a loop-720).

Diameter: 52-53mm
weight:64 gr
Gap width: 4.3mm
hitman shape only with less of a wall to it
Response: Wide silicone groove
Color: polar berry drip
It would come in small and large bearing versions and it would have a deep irg and a great grinding surface.

Now this is a fun thread, I really like it.
Name: Victor-ace
Dia: 52mm
width: 45mm
weight: 69g
gap: 4.5mm
Big big big IRG.
Responce: Flowable silicone.
Color: Red with Gold Splash.
Large bearing: KK’d
Box: Cardboard color, with big spray painted red V. It will cover more then one side, a giant V. Like it was painted then the cardboard was folded. There will be red / yellow tissue paper inside. On the inside of the box the flap that you open there will be a pouch for the string. Yellow, poly.
Price: 110.99$
Amount made: 15 per production.
yeah i thought it out lol

  1. You stole my thread, lol.

  2. Yoyo reviews would not be the proper section for this, sorry to say.

  3. I have this idea of taking an aluminum, high grade yoyo, with a denser metal sort of rims. It would be kind of like a yyj hybrid, but with 2 metals instead. I believe I would call it the “phenom”.

Company: General-Yo
Specs: A Hatrick.

Wow, I own it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: Negative X
Width: 38mm
Gap: 5.1mm
Best grinding surface known to man…it hasnt been discovered yet lol
K-Pad Response
One half black with red splash, the other red with black splash
Shaped in an EXTREME shape alot like the c13. Basically i want a bigger diameter c13 with a sweeter paintjob lol

$70ish price

Name: Air Cutter
Dia: 52 mm
Gap: 5mm
width: 40mm
Weight: 63g
Soda Blasted
Shaved o-rings
sharp shaped, Less rim weight as possible but not too little
A-size bearing(center trac)
pure white
has thumb grind ditch thingy
description: lots of air time since it has not too much rim weight and the overall weight. That means there is a lot of time in air which is helpful on whips.It also has a good grinding surface. The wide gap and the shape makes landing the yoyo easier. A-size bearing gives it a good long stable spin.

Name : Blue Orb
Width : 40.00[mm]
Diameter : 50.00[mm]
Weight : 67.80 [g]
Gap size : 4.85 [mm]
Bearing size : C-Size
Bearing type : CenterTrac Bearing (like the one in the Protostar)
Shape : H-Shape
Hubstacked : Yes
Color : Aqua Acid wash rims and clear ano on the rest and like a fuuma shuriken logo in the middle

Name: . . . . . . .
Shape: hourglass, with lowest response wall possible, no hubs or pole.
Dia: 56 mm
Wid: 48 mm
Wei: 67 g
Gap: 5,2 mm
Response: flowable
Bearing: c size
Finish: anything annoed, fancy engraveing.

I would like it to feel like a wider genesis with shape like the sandglass for more organic feeling in hand.

I dont know what i would call it.

My signature yoyo would be metal, with an H-Shape. Think wide flat rims of the Grind Machine 2 on the sharp body of the Super Star. No stacks, and bead blasted. It would most likely be a YYF yoyo… It seems right up their alley. I’d call it…

The Big Kahuna

Weight: A whopping 70 grams, mostly in the rims…
Width: Id say 42 mm
Diameter:58 mm
Gap width of 4.5 mm

It would have a large bearing and a fixed gap with some K-Pads for response.

It would be Lime/Neon Green, and in white engraving it would have Hawaiian Shirt style floral print on the rims like the Pistolero. It would have white lazer engraved type in a Comic Sans MS font and would have the yoyo name curved around the bottom inside and say “Mitch Kemp Signature Series” and along the top inside curved it would say: The Big Kahuna.

Name: SkyBlazer
Company: YoYoFactory
Spec: Same as a Genesis but with the diameter of a Skyline and with Hubstacks
Colors:Blue with Silver Splash, yoga flames, Red acid wash and jet Black (with silver rim)
Bearing Type: Koncave Size C
Response Type: K-pad or Flowable
Accessories: comes with a 10 pack of Lime Green yoyo string
Finishes: Engravement of a shooting star on fire. the name of the yoyo and my name will be around the rim with black engeavement.
Price: $94.99

this would be my signature yoyo if i have one.

Weight-68 grams
Shape- H-Shape (Dv888 shape)
Material- The ends would be titanium and the inner part would be aluminum
Bearing- C sized Cermaic KonKave
Response- anY pads
Gap Width- 4.8 mm
Diameter- 50.15 mm
Width- 40.60 mm
Colorway- Yellow/Gold with white lighting splash
Price- $74

It would have spikes for matador yoyoing and be anodized then satined. It would come with an orange Brazlian string. No caps. Comes with the Dv888 type lip for great thumb grinds.

Weight:66.5 grams
Gap width:5.00mm
Shape:superstar with flat rims
bearing:large centertrac, or 10 ball
response:flowable silicone.

Oh and some spikes on the hubs too(think gung fu)

Name:Gorrilla Eggs
Weight: 300 grams
Gap width:6.00 mm TAPERED
Width:100 mm
material: Wheat Paste sticks and Leaves (Organic)
bearing: Skateboard Bearing Sized Ceramic Concave
response: Gorrilla GLUE



A bassalope with around a .5 thickened rims, and spikes.

Name: Venus
Diameter: 2.15
Width: 1.8
Gap Width: .18
Response: K-Pads. ‘888 Size’
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: Size C
Shape: Same size as the YYF Dv888
Company: Yoyofactory
Colors: Orange, Lime Green, Aqua, Yellow, Red, Purple, Silver, and maybe some Blue Acid Wash, or Purple Acid Rain edition. Something like that.

Name: Plan E
Response: Silicone
Half metal body like the X-Convict.
Convave bearing.