If you could make your own 'Signature Series' yo-yo, what would it be like?

Responsive, unresponsive, metal, plastic, hybrid, colors, bearing size, response, weight, caps, designs, laser engravings, The works.

I have no idea what mine would be like, but I think we’ve all thought about this one.

My Signature Series yoyo would be like this:

Name: The Jelly Bean
Silicone response
Metal 72g
C bearing
2" gap width
Dark Purple
No caps
Laser engraved “Jelly Bean” under each Hubstack
Average sleep time: 5:30
Grooves for grinding
Its own signature string made with 75% polyester,20% nylon, and 5% cotton

That would be awesome

name:night jet
hybrid respone
celecon plastic
large bearing
adjustable gap ( 2 mm-4ish mm)
40mm width
50mm diameter
round butterfly shape (kickside)
dark red

Name: The Hunter
Diameter: 2.10 Inches
Width: 40 mm
Gap size: 4.6 mm
Shape: Rounded Butterfly (like the Hatrick)
Finish: Soda Blasted
Weight: 65g
Bearing Size: C
Response: Silicone pads

Name: Black Shot
Weight: light(26grams)
Note: This yoyo comes with different versions, light, super lite and heavy
Size: C
Response system: Hybrid
Materials: plastic, Iron and aluminium
Sleeper time 1:39
Price: $6.90SGD(Singapore Dollars)
It is cheap and durable

Name: The Isms
Weight: 65ish grams
Diameter: 51-52mm
Width: 40ish mm
Bearing: Size “D”
Response: Standard Size K-Pads
Basic Description: Undersized metal Dark Magic.

Name : No Name/NN
Weight : 65-66 g
Diameter : 52 mm
Bearing : Size C
Response : Flowable Silicone
Width : Around 40 mm

Bead blasted, metal…

Name: Pepper.
Color(s) 2 tone red & green (halipenio and habenaro peppers loL)
Response: Vapor Pads
Bearing size: C, mercury bearing
Material: All metal, aluminum

Shape:Butterfly, A slightly slimmer Dv888 with not flat rims.

Name: The Exile
Bearing size D
It will have the same sort of set-up of a renegade or a no-jive, but it will (hopefully) spin much longer on the string trick side, and be much more responsive on the looping side.
It will weigh 55 grams.
The outside caps for sting trick play will be laser engraved and say [shadow=red,left]THE EXILE [/shadow] looking sort of faded.

Sorry for the blizzard of info :slight_smile: I’ve been dreaming of making this yoyo for like 6 months… :stuck_out_tongue:

Name: The Fenrir 13
Size D
Silicone Pad Response
about 60-66 grams

It would have the same shape of a Legacy or PGM and a bit more metal on the rims for weighting and extra long sleep time. Design would be black with laser engraving of a Fenrir demon and a 13 under it. I’ve been dreaming of this yo-yo for a long time.

AVP(Aliens vs. Predator) Edition 888
Raise the Diameter to 51mm
One Side is Jet Black with Acid Green Spash and an Alien curled up on the inner Hub around the Hubstack.
The other side is a Gunmetal Grey with Slash marks on it and a Predator Mask under the Hub Stack. And AVP where 888 would usually be.

53mm. Unresponsive. Hybrid (metal weight rings painted to look like antlers). Brown. C-sized bearing. Pad Response. 69 grams. No caps. The plastic of the yoyo would be covered in Angora fur and be named the Jackalope.

Name: Rayquadon (Pronounced: rey-kwey-don)
Silicone pads
66 grams
Size C Ceramic Konkave Bearing
5 mm gap
Has IRG lip
Red color on one side and green color on the other side.
Laser Engraved stuff all over.
Super Smooth for grinds.

How could you yoyo with a 5 inch gap? ??? lol :smiley:



Mine would be…Oh wait! lol It’s an Agape.

66 grams
39.5-40mm wide
55mm diameter
3.99mm gap
C bearing
CLYW size silicone recess
Classic round Peak/401K/Hitman shape.
Basically, a slightly lighter, skinnier and bigger around original run Peak.

54mm tall
43mm wide
4.73mm gap
c bearing(ceramic kk)
h shape like a gm2