You're getting a chance to make your perfect yoyo!

You just got a chance to create YOUR perfect yoyo! You get 100% input on the specs and what the yoyo will look like and play like!

If this happened to you, what would your yoyo be like? Be as specific as you want!

As for the yoyo, I know exactly what I want in a yoyo, and here it is:


Diameter: 59mm – I want an oversized yoyo for great stability.

Width: 44mm – I’m pretty much not picky with width, I’m fine with a yoyo that’s 37mm but it’s my yoyo so I’m going to make it wide :wink: I don’t want something super wide though.

Gap Width: 4.9 mm – I want a very wide gapped yoyo to have the least amount of snagging possible.

Weight: 63g with spike side effects – I’m a fan of light yoyos. I just like light yoyos, plus I like fast yoyos and a lighter yoyo will make the yoyo faster and I LOVE fast yoyos. It will come with spikes to make matador play possible, the spikes aren’t the sharpest but at least it can be done. Why side effects? I like the idea of being able to change the weight and play with a simple change like that.

Bearing: Ceramic KK – perfect bearing.

Response: CLYW Aqua Snow Tires – Amazing response! Great response, and extremely durable, I love it!

Material: 7075

The yoyo will be a V/H shape hybrid, and will play extremely fast and stable.


Diameter: 54.5mm… Perfect size. Not oversized, not undersized.

Width: 38mm

Gap Width: 4.9 mm

Weight: 64 grams

Bearing: Buddha Ripple SIZE C! You should probably include a bearing size. Although since you don’t want snagging, I’m guessing you choose C since A seems to snag a bit more.
Response: IrPad 19mm

Material: 7075

I meant I don’t care if a yoyo is like 37mm but of course I like wider yoyos for more accuracy haha

and I thought buddha bearings only come in size c that’s why I didn’t put it

Oops it seems like I left some of the stuff you wrote after the stuff I wrote… I’m a failure. xD just disregard it, I’m too lazy to not copy stuff.

Diameter: 50.16mm
Width: 40.59mm
Gap: 4.23mm
Weight: 65.20 grams
Bearing: C-Size
Response: Flowable Silicone ( aka marmot specs)

The shape would be like a Code 1 with a little rounder rims, it would also have the bump around the response area that the canvas has. I would like the play to be a little more relaxed and slightly floaty. It would have side effects, comes stock with spikes. Another feature would be brass rings like on the Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper. Finally it old come in two color ways.

  1. A Soda Nickel with black se’s and black rings

  2. Black with Green speckle. Green se’s and black rings.

Diameter: 55 mm

Width: 43 mm

Weight: 66 grams

Bearing: OD 10 Ball

Gap width: 4.5

Response: Aqua Snow Tires

The shape would sorta be like the summit but a little more rounded.

Diameter: 52.51 mm / 2.06 inches
Width: 43.22 mm / 1.70 inches
Gap Width: 4.11 mm / .16 inches
Response System: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Weight: 67.5 grams
Bearing: One Drop 10-ball

the shape would be a mix between a supernova’s inner bevel and the punchline’s curves. I’m actually working on a model that I was going to test out when I can access a CNC machine. I might have to modify this post with a picture once I get everything finished

Diameter: 58 mm
Width: 44.5mm
Weight: 67.5
It would be acrylic with an organic V shape.
Would have Metal weight rings and I would make a solid and floaty version.


Diameter: 53mm
Width: 42.5mm
Gap Width: 4.4mm
Weight: 65.5grams
Bearing: 10 Ball
Response: Flow Groove
Material: 6061

The shape would be similair to a CODE 2 but with a few small changes to the cup, rims and no projection profile. It would be machined at One Drop and blasted/ano’d at gruntbull.

There would be a hub based on the Campfire/Peak look and an IRG based off the 54. The catch zone would have the grooves like the Valor has.

My design would have flatish thick rims like a Genesis, Burnside, or Model 10. The finish would be optional blasted, polished or raw. It would be available in my favorite colors, mostly black, blue, silver, gold and YYE Edition.

Polished YoyoExpert Edition (complete with logo, slogan and name).
Polished blue
Polished red
Polished solid gold
Polished black with gold splash

Blasted blue
Blasted red
Blasted clear

…and raw


Diameter: 54
Width: 44
Weight: 68
Bearing: Center Trac
Response: Flow Groove
Material: 6061, except raw in 7075

It will cost $115 - $130 8) Going to make some dough off this fictitious throw. You know I’m 'bout dat paper. :wink:

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Diameter: 56 mm, just your basic

Width: 46 mm, wider than normal, but good for Eli hops

Gap: 4.8, ain’t nobody got time fo’ snags!

Weight: 73 gm, heavy=good

Bearing: size C Kon-Kave or YYF CTX, both are the best bearing I have ever used

Response: shinwoo P-pad, nice tight binds and it’s not a pain to get in or replace

Material: 7075 splash with Multi color Z-Stacks.

The shape would be similar to a SuperNova, only more V-Shaped. Kinda like a Code 2. Heavy rim weight and a soda blast for nice grinds. My dream.

57.78565 Dia
41.81625 W
65.118267 g
It wood use teh twisted triefica cuz their so good
also it would be made with 7075 cuz 6160 is crap

It wold be shaped liek a peak, but not. More like a cief. It would be more hshaped tooo also it cant hav 2 much rimweight or it wont play good it wood play like a rok

Already did.

DUd that throw wud suc imo sory. It gota be 57.7856532 dia foal. And ddud u toutaly forgt the respons. RI pads fore dayyssss doe

Diameter: 56.5 mm
Width: 45 mm
Gap Width: 4.90 mm
Weight: 65.7 grams
Response: CLYW Snow Tires (cuz they rock)

Would be shaped like the code 2, but with a little bit wider catch zone. It would also have a flat exterior surface (no bumps or side effects) and it would gradually curve in instead of having two separate surfaces (like the cascade). Made out of 7075. Would have more weight on rims for stability and a CT bearing. I would call it…

The Prisk

oops sry ill try betr nxt time,

FYI, there was a point to my original post…

I would do a setup sorta like dis…
diameter: 2.10 inches
width: the same as the puffin
gap width: same as the puffin
weight: around 68g? idk
The Guts:
kk bearing
aqua snow tires
fat kitty :smiley:
can the 7075 be annoed? if so, then a green, I likes green :stuck_out_tongue: if not, that’s fine, fingerspins can be done on raw yoyos… :slight_smile:
it would be like the puffin, but with rim weight like a genesis on the edge, but a little beefier, also a face like da strix, cuz I likes ma fingerspinzzz ;D sry im picky on ma throwz :stuck_out_tongue: