Get the chance to make your perfect yoyo!

Hi! This is a thread deticated for you tom make your dream yoyo come true! Write what your ideal specs for a yoyo would be, weight distribution, IRG, and bearing seat! A fun little experiment to see what people like in a yoyo! Here is mine:

A yoyo with the specs of the chief, but with the weight of the bvm 2. The IRG would be similar to the chief’s, but a bit more in diameter, and most of the weight would be distributed in the middle, for a floaty feel. The outer rim of the yoyo would not be bulging outward, like most yoyos do, but instead have one flat area that konkaves outward. The face of the yoyo on the sides would be flat, and the bearing seat: size C. Yes, it would have silicone pads, preferably similar to CLYW’s snow tire response. Colorways would be mostly solid and splash, bead blast. 7075 aluminum.

The name?

The Nix


Diameter - 58mm
Width - 44mm
Gap Width - 5mm
Weight - 64.5g w/ spike SEs
Bearing - 10 ball KK
Response - Aqua Snow Tires


-V/H Shape hybrid
-has an IGR similar to the Dietz
-the bottom of the cup will be flat like the MarkMont Next
-uses side effects, comes with spikes
-low wall

Other Info:

-Will be sodablasted
-weight will be evenly distributed throughout the yoyo, slightly more centerweighted


-will play extremely fast, around the Phenom’s level, possibly faster
-very stable
-a little floaty
-insanely good at all types of grinds, finger, thumb, palm, etc.
-good at fingerspins,67281.0.html

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I was going to say something but it already died out anyways, so oh well :slight_smile:

Yeah but it’s not too old to bump, only like 5 days.

Name: YouDaMan
55 mm diameter

42 mm width

4.00 mm gap

Weight: 64.9 grams

Response: monkey snot

Shape: stepped v. Similar to avalanche.

Fast and floaty and stable