dream yoyo


I just wanted to know what would be your guy’s dream yoyo?

Like specs and how it would play


A Chief that spins forever.


A good yoyo


-Full to slightly oversized, 57mm
-Wide but not too wide, 43mm
-Really wide Gap, 4.7mm
-A little light 64g
-V shape
-Extremely stable
-Extremely fast
-A little floaty
-Beast at grinds
-deep IGR
-Uses side effects, stock with spikes
-A bright, shiny, solid silver color
-Ridiculously long spin times
-Trifecta Bearing

Throw in some YYSL Type X and BOOM, my perfect yoyo…


So a yyf one?


YYF x YYJ x OD :smiley:




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Ok this one might kill you guys.

Acrylic with Press fit weight rings.

Diameter: 58.5mm

Width: 43mm

Weight: 2 Versions One would weigh 65 g and the other 68g.

Shape: A more Organic V

Response: K Pad

Bearing: Terrapin Stainless Steel 10 Ball

If the Tranquility(my company’sfirst yoyo) does well this may be created :slight_smile:




I was just thinking about this on the toilet :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to take the YYJ Rim weighting concept to the next level, so the yoyo would start with a miniaturised version of the Koenigsegg “Air Core” rim (hollow carbon fibre car rim) but obviously shaped on the inside for 1A play, then add titanium rims where the tyres would go. I don’t know what the exact shape or size would be but that would be awesome.


7075 chief :slight_smile:


Aluminum with titanium rims
53 mm
42 mm
62 g
Straight profile
Tons of rim weight
10 ball bearing
Flowable silicone
How it would play: A very light and quick, fairly maneuverable, and a beast at horizontal. It would have a very low wall and would spin for days. ;D


Mid sized, 53-54mm.

Mid weight, probably 64-65 grams.

Not too wide. Actually, I wouldn’t mind it being slim, but not too slim.

Pad Response. A size bearing.


diameter: 54 millimeters
width: 42 millimmeters
weight: 66 grams
shape: similar to AC or SUMMIT
nimble on the string
semi floaty
rim weight/long spin time
a vertical masterpiece
best for 1A
bearing: konkave ceramic
response: flowable silicone or snow tires
laser engravings in cup
no irg
grey with blue splash and silver speckle

^absolutely amazing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


A yoyo with a electromagnetic bearing that has super long spin!


Diameter: 58mm
Width: 50mm
Weight: 73g
Gap width: 5mm
Material: 7075 aluminum (cuz ima fanceh like dat)
Bearing: ceramic Kon-Kave

I had a toy that had a thing that would spark. Maybe when the yoyo would spin, it’d spark. I would walk down the street, all you would see would be a massive sprout of sparks. Lol