The ideal yoyo thread

So what does your ideal yoyo look like? How does it play? What color is it? Does it exist? If so what is it?
Post it all here!

So basically my signature throw, if I were up there with the greats? :slight_smile:

Shape: Identical with the YYF Aviator
Material: 7075 Aluminium
Colour: Black
Finish: Bead-blasted

Rough Specs:
Weight 64g
Diameter 53mm
Width 43mm

Comes with pink Monkey Snot response, ten ball center-trac bearing, neoprene carry pouch and hot pink string.

Now, to practise like crazy and get sponsored. :stuck_out_tongue:

A 70 gram bead blasted llaser.

Yeah. Like your signature

Ah I remember making a thread like this way back, it’s cool to think about having a signature yoyo ;D

Mine would be …

Low wall Multi-step/step straight(whatever u want to call it) V shape with a slightly concaved cup for Fingerspins

Diameter - 57mm
Width - 46mm
Gap Width - 4.3mm
Weight - 64g
Bearing - Gold NSK
Response - Snow tire(CLYW) sized Irpads
Material - 7075 Aluminum with steel rings
Finish - Light bead blast
*Comes with neon yellow YYSL AMMO

I think the YYR Overdrive is the closest one in terms of specs and Orbis in terms of shape.

Haven’t tried the Orbis but I LOVED the Overdrive

Shape- CLYW Sasquatch or yyf cypher With Avalanche grooves

Weight- ~65.7 grams

Diameter- 53 mm

Width- 43 mm

Hub- Wooly Marmot 2 weight distribution, Avalanche hub

Bearing- A size OD ten ball (if it can happen)

CLYW snow tires (remade for A size bearing)

Diameter: 55 g
Width: 45 mm
Gap width: 4.7 mm
Weight: 67.5 g
Would like a KK bearing but don’t really care about pads. Low wall of course. String preferably thin of any normalish type. I don’t pretend to be a genius at making yoyos, so if that design stinks or isn’t durable or whatever, you’ve got a good reason.

Mine would be kind of like a shutter like shape. More if a v shape. Very rim weighted for stability. Also quite wide. About 50mm.
It would be quite wide, with a heavy bead blast. A ceramic kk bearing would be size c. One drop flow pads are nice. It would also be good
For finger spins, like the Elysian. It would also be cool if there was the option if hubstacks.
It would be orange and black splash.

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Mine would be The One drop cascade With a bigger size like the Chief in Dragon slayer color way With a 10 ball concave bearing.

almost every midsized yoyo ive owned in the past year felt like my ideal yoyo at one point in time and could easily be the only yoyo i own

puffin 2, gnarwhal 2, ac1, quake, al7 quake, blink, e=mc2, cypher, leviathan 6 proto

Check the tenyoyo wet whistle out. It is basically what you described minus the hubstacks and not the color.