Signature yoyo design

Have you ever wondered or dreamed of having your own custom yoyo? This thread is for others to share what they have in mind for a yoyo. What do you want in a yoyo?, what would it look like?, what kind of shape would it have?, what would it be named?, the weight?, what sort of colorways?, What materials would you use?, price?,etc. Tis isn’t a thread to plagiarize other throwers ideas, but rather to share them; possibly to collaborate. Post any ideas, photos, designs, sketches, etc. Please share your thoughts.
My design :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D

Possible specs:
Diameter: 56-60mm
Width: 44-50mm
Gap Width(Trapeze Width): 4.5-5mm
Weight: 63-70 grams
Bearing size: C size, Of course:)
Response: K-pad, IrPad, Flow Groove, slim(19mm), etc.

Shape possibilities:
Still working on a good shape that I like. Comparing, and using certain features that I like as inspiration for a good shape. i.e YYR Draupnir, YYF toohot, and CLYW Puffin 2-like shapes:)

Possible Material types( making a high-end throw):
Single metals:
.6061&7075 Aluminum
.Stainless Steel
. Titanium
. Iron
. Iridium
. Silver
. Gold
. Platinum

Possible Bi-metal combinations:( all combinations listed can be switched for a wild variety of designs)
. 6061 body w/7075 rings
. 6061 body w/SS rings
. 6061 body w/Iron rings
. 6061 body w/Iridium rings
. 6061 body w/Osmium rings
. 7075 body w/Ti rings
. 7075 body w/SS rings
. 7075 body w/Nickel rings
. 7075 body w/Copper rings
. 7075 body w/brass rings
. 7075 body w/Solid Gold rings
. 7075 body w/Solid Platinum rings
. 7075 body w/Manganese rings
. 7075 body w/Magnesium rings
. 7075 body w/Vanadium rings
. 7075 body w/Beryllium
. Titanium body w/SS
. Titanium body w/Copper
. Titanium body w/Iron
. SS body w/Ti rings
And the list goes on…( I know that probably some of these are almost impossible, but it’s fun to think, wonder, and explore possibilities:)

Possible Bearing type( all 10 ball bearing):
Can come stock with:
. Regular Flat
. CT
. KK
. Terrapin

Axle Possibilities:
Titanium axle
SS axle

Who it’s made by Possibilities:
. OD
. TP
. Oxygene
. And many others…

Possible Colorways:
. Gold
. Purple
. Silver
Red w/silver
Gold w/iridescent silver

Price Possibilities & Ranges:
Due to material, fabrication, transport, and other variable cost’s; My design will be fairly expensive.

Single metal:$ 110-210 Bi-Metals: 120-300+

Possible Names: 

. Mendelevant
. Audul
. Assidious
. Clairvoyant
. Camadarie

I would like to see many of my designs made in the future. I just know that one, if not all of my design feature’s will be a great yoyo for all throwers to enjoy. Please, feel free to share any ideas on yoyo designs. Who knows, one or many of your designs may be published:) ;D

I’ve already got one in mind. If anyone wants to manufacture this, hit me up ;D

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 45.79mm
Gap Width: 4.62mm
Weight: 65.7g (calculated)
Response: 19mm K-Pad
Bearing: YYR DS / Konkave
Material: 7075 Al
Manufacturer: Anyone? (would be T’chotchkie/RecRev if Alex Kim wasn’t so shady)

Play style: Speedy, floaty
Influences: Freq.wave, Sine//Saw (general shape, cup), Sleipnir (size, weight)

Price: $90

I m set with tweaking the Helium by just a little. Give it Barracuda rims instead of simple TP curves, wider gap (4.5) and response separator, shift the weight rings outward by ~1mm each side and reduce the total weight by 1g

with materials such as aluminum I would not go to such minimum thickness, making the cup extremely fragile under impact… even for all that mass that is on rim

Thank you for your input :wink:
I think that minimum thickness would work with titanium, but I’m not a huge fan of it since it would make the yo-yo stupidly expensive, which is not at all what I am looking for in my design.
Do you think this would work better?

I think so, anyway you should ask who then held the job cnc lathing, because below a certain thickness the aluminum is no longer workable and crumples in on itself.
I say this because years ago this yoyo:

had the same problem, it seemed well designed, was made, anodized and laser engraving, but the cup had a point too thin and slamming broke …  It took over a year  to come out the defined version, changed dramatically, as you can see

i really like the look of both of those…

mine would be like this:

width: 35mm
diameter: 60mm
bearing width: 4.5mm
weight: 63g

shape: wall as low as possible,now there is a 100 degree angle and then a 5 degree one,it is heavily weighhted toward the rims.

material:aluminium 7075

hardware:nsk platinum, 6061 aluminium axle,silicone pad

colorway:rasta acid wash,green and blue acid wash,red and white acid wash


name:cereal killer

As much as I love you mentioning the possibility of 7075 w/ Beryllium rings since I’ve worked a lot with Beryllium in my aerospace days and think it’s an awesome material, it doesn’t make much sense for a yoyo since its a pain to work with and is less dense than aluminum.

As for a signature design, hopefully you’ll see more later this year.

haha, I know! I was just thinking of a few possibilities for new yoyo designs:) As for the other possible materials, I’m sure that at least one of them will be made by some company; one day that is. ;D