Designing yoyos?

If you could design a yoyo who would you design it with , what would it be called ,made out of what
material,and what shape would it have? :smiley:

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I’m thinking 7075, designed with yyf, but made in America. Its shape would basically be a scrunched turntable down to 42mm width. Leave the diameter the same. Bead blast finish.

It would actually be a zstacked yoyo. The rest of the details stay in my head :wink:

Mine would be made by MFD and would be a 7075 very similar to the new C3 Fingerspin but a bit wider (around the width of the D10) it would definitely have to have one of Ray’s awesome ano jobs done on it as well.

I’d want to design it with the guys at One Drop. It would be an organic shape, or modified organic, made out of titanium or 7075 (to take a beating, that my daily yoyos get) that would have a slimmer gap width, 4mm, and a slimmer profile, 38mm, diameter of 58mm or so. And a hardcoat finish if 7075.

Always thought it would be great to have a yoyo and just have it called ‘YoYo’. No fancy names, just it is what it is :slight_smile:

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I like that!!

“YoYo” By OneDrop X AaronW :wink:


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Id want to work w frank difeo, for sure. :smiley:

It would be called the clyw riverside made of high end metal and with the front of a compass but the shape of a sesh :slight_smile:

And made in Canada

No big deal but for your own future information, there is an edit function on the website, that way you can go back and add things in instead of adding more posts to fix the mistake :slight_smile: I didn’t know it was a thing till I had someone point it out to me a year ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks man! :slight_smile:

  1. It will be called Parabellum and is a looping yoyo.
  2. Spin Heaven which is a yoyo designed to beat the sleeping contest record.
  3. Angel which is just another 1a yoyo, nothing special.

If I had the cash to do this I’d head out to Eugene and hold Shawn hostage for a few days to make it a reality. I think I could trick him into it if I brought enough beer and kimchi ;D

When are you coming? :slight_smile:

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As soon as I can.

Excited to see this pictures of this drunken, kimchi adventure and collab!! ;D Would love to try a proto when they’re ready! 8)

Have to start a kickstarter. Need at least $50k. You know travel, hiring OD, kimchi and beer don’t come cheap. Oh yeah, may have to add to that to pay for the yoyos.

It would be made by yoyo factory, basically a aluminium dream with the jackknife fingerspin cup. Same finish and it would have a red and blue g2 swirl on a black body

Something fairly wide, maybe 48 millimeters, 54 millimeter diameter, a cup like the shutter, but with a slight concave floor, a 4.5 millimeter gap, concave bearing, and an aggressive blasted finish like my czechpoint so it would never be sticky. 67 grams, weight distribution like a shutter.

Nice 8)

This reminds me I need to throw my czechpoint here again soon :stuck_out_tongue: