What yoyo would you like to see made of titanium?


Title really says it all.

I would like to see the curvy donut man made of titanium or maybe a horizon. I would simply like to see some yoyo set up for great fingerspins made of titanium :slight_smile:

How about you? :slight_smile:


Onedrop valor, that would be really cool! Probably because it’s my favorite 7075 yoyo

(InvaderDust) #3

Peak. That way i would never worry about seriously dinging it. I love the mid wall and soft O. The sound of Ti is awesome. I could only imagine what something that size/shape would sound like.


Actually, given the properties of titanium vs aluminum or plastic used commonly in yoyos, it’s better to design specifically for that material than use it to produce an existing design. The titanium version won’t play the same as the original due to the differences in material properties. The YYJ Hitman and Lyn Fury are a good example of this. The LF was supposed to be an all plastic version of the HM. The play was nowhere near the same.Not saying it was better or worse, but they were not the same.


SPYY Addiction v2. Love that size and profile. Use the properties of titanium to make the walls thin with heavier rim weight and smaller spikes.


OD Dingo

(major_seventh) #7

A Chief or Legato, with slight modifications to make the fullest use of the material, such as thinner walls.


YYR Sleipnir


Aluminium Dream…wait, that’s been done.


Grail, YWET, Markmont Classic, Peak… Something organic with a nice ring lol




This has already been done with the YYR Seventh Heaven btw.

I think of the yoyos I’ve played I’d want to see a Pyro 3 or Scout adapted for titanium. Despite not generally liking organic yoyos, the Pyro 3 reminds me of some of my favourite characteristics of the Ti-Walker with it’s similar mid-sized diameter and speed. I think a titanium version would allow for it to retain or improve its spin time while making it a bit lighter.

The Scout is one of my favourite CLYWs and titanium would again allow for it to play lighter without necessarily having a drop in performance.

(rizkiyoist) #13

Any looping yoyo really.
And Sleipnir.
I don’t really care about the playability difference more than durability though.


I believe one problem with making a titanium throw that’s great for fingerspins, is that it would be extremely difficult to have a fingerspin friendly bowl, and still take full advantage of the strength of titanium. The reason I say this is because the bowl necessitates a lot of material be placed in the center; while designs that take full advantage of titanium use the strength to thin the inner part of the yoyo.

One the other hand, maybe InvaderDust is on to something, and rather than going for the performance edge, the durability edge could be the advantage?

(InvaderDust) #15

I would happily pay more for a more durable product. I mean I just paid double the normal price for some Vintage made Dr. Martens (boots) that should last me a decade, vs the cheaper versions you can buy in the stores that are made in asia and use less quality ingredients that break down alot faster. (look into “Made in England” versions vs the modern versions commonly found to see what Im talking about)

To have the same performance for in a more durable package is worth it. I dont care that the walls were not as thin as possible. They made 7075 remake versions of some modles without changing anything, I would like to see that with Ti as well, and even though the haters would still while (nothing new) I would be very interested in seeing such a thing with some older and beloved models.


I agree. And I’d like to see something with side effects.


An extra wide yoyo,like the manatee or Atlas. Or something with a finger spin cup, like a Horizon, but with a smaller diameter. Normal dimension ti designs have been done to death, why not start pushing the boundary’s of what you can do in dimension’s as well as material?




Was just thinking a Ti Version of the Gradient (or other floaty OD) would be interesting. Same exact yoyo but different material. Sort of like the GZR series.


impossible, it would weigh almost twice the gradient of aluminum and would be unplayable

(7075 specific weight: 2,81 g/cm³, titanium specific weight: 4,50 g/cm³