Which yoyo would you like to see in titanium?

Just wondering which throws would you guys like to see make a return in titanium?

For me, I’d like to see a titanium Sasquatch

I’d love a titanium supernova or mvp.

The mvp would be killer berause they could focus even mor weight on the rims since they could mchine the body thinner than with aluminum

<----------------- lol, sorry.

A looper. There has only ever been one metal looper to my knowledge (difeyo orbiter), and a Ti looper would be awesome.

Plus, you could totally use it as a weapon.

Yomega Raider in titanium. GENIUS!

skywalker lol

Custom Chain Reactor was a metal looper…

yyf skyline

I would love to see a Yoyojam Trinity be remade in titanium. Either way, for any aluminum or plastic yoyo to be remade into titanium, major changes would have to be made to the design.

For plastic, maybe but I’m sure a lot of changes wouldn’t have to be made to an aluminum for it to be titanium. Not many changes had to be made to the sky walker for it to be titanium

KLR in titanium.


I would like to see some Side Effect enabled yoyo

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I have a dream yoyo and its titanium so that s what i would like to see but out of the yoyo’s not in my
head i would have to go with the duncan momentum i love the yoyo and its so fun to play with also because its ti they can add more rim weight

The dream yoyo is a double rimmed remnant candy blasted with side effects and a twisted trifecta bearing

I’m going to agree with “Studio42” and vote for the “Titanium KLR” !!

Without a doubt it posesses both the shape and weight distribution that would benefit from using Titanium really nicely. I hope Ernie has the same idea himself & decides to act on it. I know it would be a big hit.

He has after all used Magnesium for one of his throws in the past with the “Magnum”.
So using metals other than aluminum is not a foreign concept for the General. ;D



There is also a metal looper made by bist that is a fixed axle and has a hole in the center. At least, I am assuming it is a looper since it is a fixed axle and modified shape

General Yo KLR

OMG DUDDE! dont be envyin mah skyline brah :wink: anyways id think a ti mightly flea would be cool!

Nobody said Sleipnir?
Haha that would be AWESOME

or overdrive!

Or any other YYR for that matter :smiley: