20 Titanium YoYos - My collection (With pictures!)

So for a while now, I’ve been buying up as much titanium as I can. There’s just some magic that the material offers that you can’t get with aluminium. Some make better use of this than others, some are just gimmicky toys for people who love the material.

Here they are

original at https://imgur.com/HmHz5Tr.jpg

Collection shot. 20 of the finest bits of titanium made into a yoyo.

original at https://i.imgur.com/yQVPSqL.jpg

YoYo Recreation Dazzler. Great yoyo, fits in your pocket nicely and plays fantastically on the string.

original at https://i.imgur.com/wCxUWdn.jpg

YoYo Recreation Seventh Heaven - Plays a lot like the Sleipnir it’s shaped like. Lovely shape, great play and a very pretty engraving.

original at https://imgur.com/TVOyAjh.jpg

sOMEThING Anglam TiSS - I always suspected that a titanium bi-metal was a silly idea and this proves me right. It doesn’t perform better than some other titanium yoyos that don’t use steel to increase performance. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t perform badly, it just doesn’t justify the steel rings, or the price!


original at https://i.imgur.com/nPr9VRp.jpg

sOMEThING Anglam Zero - All of the performance of the TiSS with half the price tag. I wasn’t a huge fan when I first got my hands on it but the more I play it, the more I love it.

original at https://imgur.com/ncPZr6B.jpg

Luftverk Octavia AMS - The anodizing makes this yoyo. The surface is very teflon like, grinds for days. Not the best performer but it’s got that titanium feel that you just can’t get anywhere else.

original at https://imgur.com/H7I0qmG.jpg

Luftverk Octavia - Plays exactly like the AMS but with a blast instead of the teflon like surface. The blast is beautiful though.

original at https://imgur.com/kaoVITJ.jpg

Luftverk Evora Purple - This is the blasted Evora. It’s something very special to look at and hold in your hands. The blast on this is much nicer than that of the Octavia and the colours shift in the light very nicely. It doesn’t perform quite as well as the RSP but it feels fantastic on the string. Very light but slow.

original at https://imgur.com/m8Ic6TC.jpg

Luftverk Evora RSP - This is the one that was sold here on YYE. The higher grade of titanium adds a bit of weight but also makes it perform much better. It inspires a lot of confidence so you can really start to bully it into doing what you want.

original at https://imgur.com/Opmhu40.jpg

SPYY TYY-01 - Not my favorite. Lacks performance and feels average. Honestly, I was massively disappointed in this when I got it and my mind hasn’t really changed. It’s not a bad yoyo, but for the premium titanium demands, it’s not a good one either.

original at https://imgur.com/mXrIiCU.jpg

SPYY TYY-01 LW - This one performs just as badly as the regular TYY-01 but feels a lot lighter. It feels lovely but you have to shave down the pads to stop them from protruding. Overall, I’d call it a better yoyo than the regular, but don’t expect to be amazed at what titanium has to offer.

original at https://imgur.com/yleA2xz.jpg

One Drop CiTizen - Beast on the string. Performs as well as, if not better than any other titanium yoyo. Great at horizontal as well as regular play. You do feel every bit of that 64g on the string but it performs so well you just don’t care.

original at https://imgur.com/hQBMXOH.jpg

YoYo Factory Titanium Dream - Light, fast and nimble with a fantastic colour. It gets a lot of hate and took a long time to sell because it was offered so cheaply to backers of the crowdfunding campaign but Once you play it, you’ll love it. It’s wicked fast,

original at https://imgur.com/MS42Erg.jpg

YoYo Factory Ricochet - AKA $200 walk the dog. It plays ok, does what it does, but what it’s really great for is sparking. I spark mine a lot.

original at https://imgur.com/pqbPctD.jpg

2sick Rook Prototype - I was lucky enough to get one of these long before release and I can’t praise it enough. Fantastic player that dominates the string. Monster performance, low weight and great feel. It’s my 2nd favorite titanium yoyo.

original at https://imgur.com/UGVpmAG.jpg

Pre-Axis Pulsefire Ti Prototype - Only 3 of these were made and that’s a damn shame. When Tyler and James made the original Pulsefire out of 7075 aluminium, they got a few of these made up at the same time. A few years later, Tyler decided to sell this one and I was the first to talk to him about it. It plays extremely well, very fast, very stable and very light. I adore it. It’s a shame that so many people won’t get the chance to experience it.

original at https://imgur.com/2xD1Wcs.jpg

iYoYo.de TiGer - Plays like a heavier CiTizen. I’m not the biggest fan of it since it’s quite hefty but it’s still very well made and spins forever. It’s probably the best performing titanium yoyo I own.

original at https://imgur.com/rJIUJif.jpg

Oxygene Hypereon - I was lucky to get this one fairly cheap. It’s a very interesting, extreme H shape. Much like the CLYW Cliff. Spins for a long time but the wide rims make for a small catch zone so it’s a bit unforgiving. I do enjoy it a lot.

original at https://imgur.com/YWXh9zC.jpg

3yo3 Ti5 (Custom anodized by Jason Wong) - This thing is unbelievably fast. Stable as long as you don’t hit the outer rims too hard but the speed is incredible. The shape isn’t for everyone and the rims can be a bit sharp if you snag and whack a knuckle but if you’re playing well, it really makes your tricks look good.

original at https://imgur.com/9oC2Ugz.jpg

VsNYYC TiWalker - My favorite yoyo. Not just my favorite titanium but my favorite yoyo. I will be buried with this thing. Bags of performance, wonderful shape, perfect size and loads of energy on the string. It’s the yoyo I feel most at home using. Finding pads can be a pain though.

original at https://imgur.com/R5NeWpz.jpg

Ti2 Design Ti Yo - Meant as a pocket toy for EDC fans who like to spend hundreds on lanyard beads. 50mm x 38mm means it slips in your pockets nicely but it’s a pretty terrible yoyo. Laser anodizing is very pretty though.

So there you go.

If you have something I don’t, I’m most only likely to trade the blue and purple Luftverks. I wont sell them for money, only trade them for things I don’t have already.

Hope you enjoyed that.



Thanks for sharing! That was a fun jaunt down Ti-lane.

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Dang that is a great list ;D and I appreciate your honesty in your descriptions of each one.

Just silicone the TiWalker? That’s what I do with mine.

Chaos, gen-yo hat pads actually fit in the tiwalker perfectly. if you like it more responsive, G-Grips or a G-Grip and a hat pad work too.


Loved the honesty and frankness of the reviews, it’s great to hear such openness about all of these.

I agree with (and giggled at) the part about the Ricochet being a very expensive walk-the-dog. I’m not really a fan of the way it plays so that’s pretty much all I use it for.

Also, not only have I never heard a single bad thing about the Ti-Walker, you don’t find all that many people that have played one that aren’t convinced that it’s the best yoyo ever made. No wonder they are so hard to come by and always sell for so much… :-X

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i ended up liking the ricochet i like how it plays and feels, but it might just be the titanium blinding me.

It’s all personal preference, I know that the Ricochet is one of Totalartist’s favourite yoyos for example. It just wasn’t really for me. :slight_smile:

I know, but being a brit, it means I have to import all of those pads. YYE Shipping is $35 plus taxes!

You’re right. All of the opinions on these yoyos are 100% my opinion only and it comes down to how they suit my preference. I like performance out of yoyos. Long spinning, very stable, light yoyos. I like yoyos that get out of your way and just do as their told and that’s probably made very clear in the reviews I write. That doesn’t mean I can’t find space in my heart for yoyos that don’t do that, it just means that’s my clear preference.

Titanium is a magical material. You can achieve the same weight distribution as with bi-metals or aluminium. Some companies make better use of that than others. While the CiTizen is almost like a titanium Draupnir, the Luftverk yoyos are less about performance and more about the art behind it all. None of these are bad (apart from the TiYo perhaps) they’re just all different and nice in their own way.

OD Flow Groove Pads should work as well. Snow tires would work as well but they are thicker and would be too grabby. You could always use one snow tire and maybe leave a half responseless or use a YYJ silicone pad, which is much thinner than a pad.

The pictures aren’t loading for me. ???

They’re fairly high res, hosted on imgur.

Yeah, they still aren’t loading. Congrats on getting 20 Tis, though

I’d have to highly disagree about the TiYo being a terrible yoyo. But different strokes I guess.

Same, I liked it a lot.

It is what it is. As an EDC pocket tool, it’s ok. But by modern standards, it lacks all kinds of performance. The axle system, which is also the bearing seat was bad enough for them to say that they’ll issue replacement axle systems for free, which on a $200 titanium yoyo, is no small thing for a company like that to offer.

As I’ve said, as an EDC toy, it’s great. It slides in your pocket easily and you can do tricks with it. The small size lends itself to that very well. If that’s what you look for, great, but I made my preferences very clear in my very short reviews, and it clearly does not fit mine.

Which is why I said “different strokes.” The axle issue was taken care of really quickly, and was just a machining error that was taken care of real easy b/c of the axle system. The Citizen is probably my second favorite Ti, but I lean more toward the TiYo, it’s just more fun to me. :slight_smile:


Those look awesome.

this is the best yoyo ever !!!

Mine no longer looks like that. It’s purple. Had it anodized :smiley: