Possible New Manufacturer

hey guys im a machinist. and i’ve been dabbling with the idea of doing a production run of some designs. this won’t be anything thats going to happen in the immediate future, maybe a month or two if it happens.

in the mean time i would like your opinions of some designs i’ve made. and i would like to hear feedback on what you guys would like to see in a yoyo

heres what i have in the order of my favorite to least favorite

all yoyos are designed for C class bearings and K-pads or custom silicone

~dimensions 1.95" D 1.5" W 64 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.5" W 63 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.5 W 67 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.48" W 70 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.48" W 70 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.42 W Grams without bearing/axle


I like #2 the best. Then I like #4 then third most I like #1.

Over all they look really cool.

I’d just like them to have a spike or something like that I’m a really sucker for sharp and pointy yoyos. :smiley:

*Edit: Wow I really quoted that… I must have been really sleepy.

It all looks good design wise. Id say have them tested for playability. THEN . Find someone who can anodize, tube, blast or whatever you can to make the finish amazing feeling and looking. One thing I’ve noticed about allot of buyers, colors matter.!!. Never fails with yoyo collectors. What color is it.

I say that only because i read allot of forums and reviews plus trying to make deals for trades with other players…and everyone loves a new throw, but what color is it?

Sounds funny but I have an amazing collection of the best from ,spyy, clyw, rec rev, werrd, 3yo3, stty,ILYY monkey finger, yyf, onedrop, general yo, duncan, madhouse, yomega, yyj. I built it that way to try out as many different manufacturers as I could to see if I could find a major difernce and find out which I liked more. I love them all!! but… my faves are the great finishes from the smaller companys that get more time and expertise into the finish.

Things like gold or nickle are a little more rare but never play any better then anodized. Whats next Diamond? hint hint.LOL JK.

I think the way to go would be some sweet art and grafic designs. NOT laser engraves but some other way of underlying graffics or cool looking art designs under an ultra smooth clear coat or finish of some sort.

Something to think about. I love the round rim shape personally if I had to pick one from what I see in those designs.

Love to be a tester.

My best friend has been twisting string for months trying to perfect it. Once he has it down to a science hes going to buy the threads bulk and produce as a indipendant compay. Custom string for players. Maybe we can test your designs against our string.

TOns of ideas for rad fun.

yoyo everyday!


@ trace, Points are easily do-able with minor changes to the designs but i was planning on reserving the flats for designs/symmetric engravings. i may change it if i get more feedback on the preference of points.

@ JasonKirsch, thanks for the feedback. i’m definitely looking into different anodizing companies and their capabilities i’ve found some groups thats can splashes, fades, and clear coats.

i have a few questions on the matter yet, what is the preferred anodized thickness for a yoyo?

and what is the preferred finish? i know there are many different ways that a yoyo can be finished, but what seams to be the most accepted by players?


Sounds cool to me as long as you put something really cool the the sides whether it be spikes or laser engrave. C=

i reworked design #5 to something that appeals a little more to me

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.59" W 66 Grams without bearing/axle

and i decided to scrap #6 completely and start with something new. And i came up with this witch might be my new favorite.

~dimensions 1.92" D 1.49" W 62 Grams without bearing/axle


They seem like an improvement to me. C=

I like number 3 a lot.

These are cool.

Your wall thicknesses on most of these designs are going to make them way overweight for the weights you specify. A wall thickness around 1.8-2mm for the thin sections would be better, then you can concentrate weight towards the rims or hub to affect the feel of the yoyo.

really? that thin? good to know. i’ve been trying to keep the min thickness at .1-.125 so that the yoyo will retain a good solid structure. ill play with the designs a bit and try shifting more weight to the rims.

I’m more machinist then yoyo-er so your feedback helps a lot sense i don’t have as much feel for the string.


There is a good manufacturing thread on one of those other yoyo forums that has a lot of good info in it.

1.8-2 would be the minimum. Most people try to keep a lot of weight towards the edge of the rims for longer spin times. It also makes the yoyo feel heavier when you play it.

If you want an idea of the weight of one of those send it to me as either 2d lines or a 3d step or iges file and I can let you know the weight.

I can’t do it for all of them but I’ll do one for you just to give you a baseline.

thanks for the offer but i trust my design program to be accurate enough for its application, i’ve used it with many other weight sensitive parts and have never had any deviation of more then +/- .1 grams


I like the reworked #6 and #2 :slight_smile:
You should make prototypes and then tinker with the weight and find which works best. :slight_smile:

proto-typing is still a little ways out, im still working on some design refinement. but when they do get produced i will most likely be sending them out to willing testers sense im not that experienced with different yoyos and i would also be bias as the designer and maker.


Can I be an official tester. :stuck_out_tongue:

These yoyos look awesome, I look forward to seeing them on yye.

I’ll help test them :smiley:

I’d be willing but if you want some really good input try “dryoyo” (http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=profile;u=208).

Here’s his site he does lots or reviews.  :smiley:


mock 2 designs are up

most of the alterations are to the inner geometry, thinner walls, heavier rims. I also made them wider sense they were a bit on the narrow side compared to the normal
the colors are just to give the model some dept.

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.6" W 63 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.51" W 62 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.6" W 62 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.6" W 62 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 1.96" D 1.6" W 62.5 Grams without bearing/axle

~dimensions 2.2" D 1.56" W 62.5 Grams without bearing/axle


Dang they’re really shaping up. C=