Prototypes. I need some feedback!!!-Update with new design

Hey everyone.
I am making a run of yoyos over the summer, and I plan on selling around 8 of them. They are going to be extremely limited, and have a nice engraving. I don’t want to hear about what you think of me making a yoyo. From what I have seen, lots of people tend to be critical about people who are not professional trying their hand at production. I know what I am doing, but I also need to know what people will buy!
So if you could tell me your favorite of these designs, and what you like/ dislike about them, that would be awesome.



Proto 4. An improved version of number 2

So thats all. If this is in the wrong section, go ahead and move it. But let me know what is your favorite!!!


i like #3, i like the smooth transition from the rim to the axle. Reminds me of an Avalanche, which is my fav. yoyo so far.

I would love 2, reminds me of a protostar

That second one looks rad. What are the specs and price range?

55 in diameter. About 42 wide. Not sure on the weight just yet…
Pricing is gonna be interesting… There will be more info to follow, but these will be quality (produced by OD) will advice from the guys from many many companies. They are each going to be a different color, but have the same engraving. There will be 8 released to the general public. And also I gotta make $600 after selling 8 of them so probably around $90 a piece.
Thanks for the input guys. Keep it coming.

Sounds like it will be a solid player for sure and definitely something id buy, id like to see something around 65 grams for weight, like the newer chiefs.

i say 2 is my favorite

I can tweak it a bit and get the weight right. I will figure it out tomorrow.

definitely #3

So I’m gathering not 1… Haha.

it would appear that way lol although the more i look at number 2 the more i like it!! Reminds me of my code 2 which plays FANTASTIC!!!

yeah I have a couple code 2’s. I like em. They’re good throws.

How would you feel about having a bigger flat area in the middle for the engravings?

Like removing the side effects so the middle area is somewhat like a canvas? If so I would be all for it as long as the axle doesnt screw all the way through, it should have a point that it hits solid metal and cant screw any further, just like the canvas i can try and explain it better if you dont get what im saying lol. But yeah if you shaved off the metal there it shouldnt affect play or spin time really since its just removing weight at the axle, so spin times should be the same. Plus it would leave a HUGE area for some pretty sick engravings.

Yep. That’s exactly what my plan is. Like a canvas but a little smaller in the middle. Like a sleipner ish. Not sure if i spelled that right…

But at the same time shortening the axle will make the yoyo more prone to stripping so you can lost something with the adriatic gain of a flat face. I’m not sure if any of that made sence…

But by making it so the axle cant screw all the way through you just have an axle thats cut to size and it screws it perfectly every time. The only thing you have to worry about as far as stripping goes is cross threading it, which some people will do no matter what the axle system.

close enough lol but yeah that would be perfect. Its got plenty of room to put pretty much whatever you want in there. What kind of engravings you thinking of sticking in there?

Made sense. How about I just raise the middle so it has a bit of curve? Just slightly.

I don’t know if i can release that much info yet. This will be in June probably.

raising it wouldnt be a bad idea just to be safe but i dont think it would be necessary, you just use axle’s that would run from end to end but come together like its supposed to. its just a matter of taking a measurement. not sure how easy or hard it would be. Plus i havent heard of people having a problem stripping their canvases.

Ahhhh yeah that makes sense

I just have trouble relating to most drawings. Either I am getting better at reading them or yours are better.

I like how you have the rim angle in on 1, but I like the shapes of 2 and 3 better. The inward angled rim helps with IRG a bit, so it’s just another option for players to use or not use.