Inch by Inch Yo-Yos (I.B.I. Yo-Yos)

I found out that the YYF PRIMO is nearly identical to my design, so I bought a used one, and I’m super satisfied. If you’re one of the people who wanted to try my design, you should get a PRIMO as well. If you don’t like it, I could buy if from you. I want more (not paying more than $60 for one though)
Makes me happy to know that my design resembled a yo-yo that plays so well.

First of all, I hate to do this thread because I feel that yo-yo design should be left to the people with years of expertise. I’m happy that there are kids out there trying to throw lines together to create a yo-yo of their own, but I feel that they don’t know much about weight distribution or what goes into a yo-yo to make it more than just a rock on a string. And yet they still get massive support, giving them false hope of generating profit through their design, I don’t know, some lucky kids might be on the right track and succeed, giving birth to a new company that will perform very well in the community, that’s good, but very unlikely. I consider myself one of those kids, no experience, but still trying to create a yo-yo of my own.
(throwing since April 2011, thrown most yo-yos one can buy on YYE)

And with that note, I present to you my own design. The I.B.I Disregard (prototype)
Disregard Prototype fade by Toshiro 3, on Flickr
Disregard Prototype fade 2 by Toshiro 3, on Flickr

This all started from a simple plan of a cross-section I drew while bored at school, I was aiming for a heavy rim weighted yo-yo that was classic in shape. Hence the reason for such a simple design that might now be outdated by all the negative-space yo-yos coming out recently.
Disregard by Toshiro 3, on Flickr

This design sat in my binder for almost half a year, I was just too lazy to make a 3D model out of it, no matter how much I wanted to see how it would turn out. I need to thank Davion of Weaver Strings and the very recent Central Yo-Yo Design for inspiring me to finally put this design on the computer to be 3Dimension-ized.

and my Google Sketch Up re-design of the cross section.
Disregard cross-section by Toshiro 3, on Flickr

The Google Sketch Up design made me take a little off the rim to create a more round rim, and I accidentally placed it on the hub, creating a very unique shape that I fell in love instantly. I do realize though, that this might create too much center weight that’s the source of the thud at the end of the string that not many enjoy, but I’ll have to deal with that when this actually gets manufactured.

I am a fan of undersized throws, so I plan for the specs to be following.

Diameter: 52-54mm
Width: 42mm
Gap width: 4.5mm
Bearing: Twisted Trifecta
Response: Flowable (I love when flowable caves in when dry, this doesn’t happen with pads)
and I will not state the weight as I have no idea how much such an object will weigh.

now, this all is in it’s very first stage of development, much will change as I get opinions form the community. Thanks for reading all of this!

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sorry, but I must say that you were pretty outright disrespectful and rude in your intro. just saying…
don’t assume we can’t make yo-yos just because were new, we do have working prototypes, and I think that you shouldn’t estimate us or anybody else like us…

other that that, good work.

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Thanks and awesome Ur yoyo looks clean!

woah woah woah. no need for the hate dude. he didnt specify any names and i believe he was very respectful in explaining his beliefs. this post just makes you look un confident in your own designs and abilities man.

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I was only stating the truth, and don’t deny that most designers on here are kids, also, I have put myself in the same category as the ones I talked about, so it’s not like I’m making myself higher than the rest, we’re all equal.

and thanks, I appreciate your input! =)

Sorry, I guess I sounded pretty rude there. It’s just that you sounded kinda condescending saying “I think yoyo design should be left to people with years of expertise” and “I feel that they don’t know much about weight distribution or what goes into a yo-yo to make it more than just a rock on a string.” I figured he was pointing to us, seeing as BLTyyw (us) and central yoyo are the only new, young companies out there, so it sounded like it was directed at us. didn’t mean to sound like a hater, sorry I just wanted to let you know you sounded a bit rude in my opinion.

No hate intended.

wait, BLT and Central are the only two around? I don’t think so man. haha

there’s plenty of up and coming designers. You just haven’t looked around.

have a nice day =)

and if you have an impression of me being a D-bag, I’m not, I’m just honest, can’t help it, if you were to meet me, I’m really really nice!

I’ve seen your work, not bad, I’d like to try your final product out. (but I gotta say, your first page needs to be edited a bit, it doesn’t make a good impression, first impressions are really important.)

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oops, not saying we’re the only ones, just the only ones on this forum that are new and really still going strong. you have to go pretty far back to find a lot of others.

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ahh, i got the same first impression of the intro… When i read this “I don’t know, some lucky kids might be on the right track and succeed, giving birth to a new company that will perform very well in the community, that good, but very unlikely. I consider myself one of those kids.” i got the impression that you were saying you were in the group that would succeed, which you may very well do and i hope you do. Also, this here, no mater what you put around it sounds rude “And yet they still get massive support, giving them false hope of generating profit through their design,”, Im sure that wasn’t your intention. (heck i also misread it because i didn’t see the “I hate to do this thread because…”) but possibly reconsider some of your phrasing, you don’t have to, but just a suggestion, could help with those all important first impressions ;).
But… On a more positive note, I really like the shape of the yoyo, and for working on the design and finding specs, the most user friendly (free) program i could find was Emachine shop, look it up, there CAD program is great. I’m not sure if this is a yoyo I would buy, i haven’t tried very many classic shapes and none of the ones i have tried were quite my thing, but it still looks great. I wish you luck, and hope you and your company are successful.

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BTW, I’m so glad we worked this out like gentlemen :slight_smile:

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Walls are way too thin, unless you’re making them in titanium.

It’s easy to make a design.
To find a machine shop that will take you seriously, especially if you have no experience or are very young… that’s another story.

And if you do fine a machine shop, finding one with enough tolerance variances to actually produce ones of good quality is also something to look into.

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It looks a lot like a Duncan Echo.

I hate to say it, but you were completely disrespectful to those kids with designs. Many of them DO know enough to make a yoyo. They’ve seen the big yoyo’s of today, and the trend is this; “56mm with a focus on rim-weight and focusing that just below the outside of the yoyo. 56-57g is preferred.” You aren’t the only one with a design that’s good. I actually have plans on starting RYYC. And yes, I’m a teen. 14 to be exact. Also, what makes yours so different? Aside the fact that your saying you are, what makes you more likely to succeed?

Things you’ll need besides the Sketchup design are;
Weight - Density of 6061 is 2.7g/cm^3
Walls thicker than 1.75mm
Money - Think thousands of dollars
Somewhere to sell them
You bearing seat/recess needs work

Good luck on your endeavor

I am also 14 and I agree that he was disrespectful to those kids but he was not completely wrong about them falsely believing they could really make a profitable company. I agree that many kids have the ability to design and create a yoyo but that does not mean they will be able to generate profit. Now I could be completely wrong if they’re intentions were to just make the yoyo for fun and they weren’t planing on creating a company or anything. Again I agree with you that he was disrespectful and he should not be so quick to judge a yoyo’s design based on the ages of the kids who thought the idea up and actually created it, however, he was not incorrect in stating that the KIDS would probably be unsuccessful in creating a profitable company and or yoyo for that matter. Everyone has their opinions and thats what makes us all individuals so how about everyone agrees that everyone has different opinions and we stop playing the your wrong I am right game.

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Gotta radius those surfaces a bit, unless you’re actually intending on making it a bunch of flat angles.

Sketchup displays curved stuff as lines, so you don’t have to have an amazing computer to run it.

Man, we’ve already been over this! can you please read other people’s post about me being disrespectful? I wasn’t!
and I never said I was gonna succeed, I said I was in the category of kids who were not likely to succeed.
Thank you for the info though, I already know about the bearing seat, and it’s currently redesigned on emachineshop.
Have a nice day. =)

oh, haha, you noticed!
yeah, I got it to be round on emachineshop.
but wouldn’t it be fun playing with a 24 sided yo-yo? haha

oh, and one more thing about the rims being too thin, have you guys ever thrown a Werrd Pacquiao? that thing has very thin walls!

and all the suggestions on weight distribution being just under the edge, I understand that that’s the trend, but what’s the fun in following the trend? you’d just be making a yo-yo that’s no different than others at all.

Render your drawing in solidworks and specify a material and you should get a very accutate weight without having to prototype…i believe this can also be done in masterCAM without solidworks but i have not been taught how yet

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