Renaissance YoYo Company: Manticore *UPDATE* 5-5-12

Everyone else seems to be posting their own designs, so here’s mine;

General view;


Cross section;

View of one of the halves;

View of the inside;

Nice little view here;

Here’s an up close of the bearing seat area;

All corners not a part of the bearing seat will be rounded to a 1mm diameter to prevent string cutting and uncomfortable edges.

Diameter - - - - 52.4mm
Width - - - - - 47.6mm
Weight - - - - - ~68-69g
*Bearing size - “D”

*I tried to make this design use a “C” sized bearing, but to get the extreme shape I needed smaller.

Reminds me of an all-metal PSG.

I actually designed it before I saw the PSG. The idea came to me a long time ago, probably September.

JUst like when I came up with a design for a derlin looper the day before I saw the recrev reverb :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice design. Looks wide.

Great minds think alike?

So many yoyos look similar. There’s only so much innovation that can go on. It’s little things here and there. At some point, someone will come up with something way out there. Like, say the Chief. However, this yoyo inside a yoyo, I saw it coming with the rings inside the Bassalope, just now taken extreme.

I think the community and industry benefits from individuals, especially individuals with little to no design skills, screwing around with CAD programs and coming up with designs. Just as with everything else, not everything is going to stick, but that’s OK. It’s the sharing of ideas and concepts. We won’t see established companies doing this because it’s bad for business. What’s funny is that some companies HAVE to do this, considering One Drop is doing manufacturing of yoyos for a few other well known companies as well, yet One Drop still comes up with their own original designs.

looks like a stampede

thats exactly what i thought

I had the same thought about the stampede, but the stampede if I remember right, is a 56mm throw, while this one is a 52mm

I rarely post in these threads, but for one, I’d like to see this design come to life, I like it (but I recon, I know absolutely NOTHING about yoyos designs, I understand roughly how it works, but yea, I just don’t care as long as they look good and spin well)

That is where I got the general idea. If you notice, I did change it significantly.



Yeah, I’ve got another design that’s very innovative and puts a lot of weight at the rims.

You mean a regular Sandglass?

Agree 100%

Looks awesome, and if you ever need testers…

I will need testers…

pssst I could test

Most likely. But for now I need opinions, not testers.

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I love the design.

Nice design.
I love it when you draw bearing seat.

first off i really like the idea and 2nd i wanna test it as a tester XD

Ive never played a metal with that design although it does look very interesting. What I dont like about it is the same with the PSG. It will most likely be a bit awkward and possibly painful to catch because pf the shape. Still, Id like to test one to put my theory on trial

I like the hour-glass shape, and it is getting more popular.
I especially like that you decided on a D instead of a C bearing.
Makes me think of an Exit 8 without the cut on the inner lip that Duncan uses for caps.