Hendy's yoyo design thread (UPDATE: New design on page 6)

So I decided to design another yoyo, this time using proper measurements and doing a legit bearing seat. I pulled out my ruler and a yoyo to measure (for bearing seat specs) and got to work. I then assembled two halves with a model c-size bearing.

Although I’m not a huge fan of the design myself (it was put together pretty quickly without many adjustments), if I machined two of these, it would actually work as a yoyo. This was more of an exercise in measurements than aesthetics and overall design.

Tell me what you think!

Looks like a quake, nice job though!

Yeah, maybe a bit.

Looks nothin like a quake lol. It looks pretty cool. A little too extreme for my tastes but solid design. Should show a cross section pic!

Quake x Lesula.
Everything I think the Lesula should have been :slight_smile:

Are you taking weight into account?

I don’t it looks that much a quake. I think its already quite original.

It looks really good. I personally like wide yoyos.

No, I’m still working towards that. Still learning my way around some of the software features. The next one will be more focused on weight distribution and performance. Gotta do a little design research.

Ok, update guys.

I just checked the weight on this thing (with the material as 6061 aluminum). Each side come up to about 40 grams. Yikes, won’t be throwing that anytime soon!

any other specs? :slight_smile:

Width and diameter are virtually the same as the Chief. I used it as a reference for this one, so I have an idea of the range I should be within next time.

It looks hard to catch without the pointed rims wearing your hands out. I would flatten them down by adding a small undercut, for a nice, stable u shaped yoyo. Yum. And I like that it can finger spin. Finger spins are good.

That should spin for a while. ;D

Thanks for all the feedback so far guys! Hopefully at some point I can come up with a design that’s actually worthy of production. I’ll be keeping all these tips in mind.

Don’t forget to add the weight of the pads, bearing and axle :slight_smile:

Yep. All in all it’s over 85 grams.

Needless to say I’ve got a ways to go before I’m calling up any machinists XD

Another update!

Did some tweaks and managed to fix a lot of things:

  1. U shape is no quite so extreme.

  2. Flattened down the rims with a nice, soft curve that should be a lot more comfortable.

  3. Cut out some material from the hub.

  4. The above changes cut down the weight for each half to 27 grams. With response, bearing, and axle it should be just around average weight (can anyone get my back on the average weights of these items?)

Overall it’s looking promising. Pics soon.

Probably less than 5 grams combined.

Sorry, accidentally used my brothers account.

Ok so I’m still a tad shy of standard weight.

Yup, about 7 grams shy. Add it all to the rims