Hendy's yoyo design thread (UPDATE: New design on page 6)

whoops, did it again

Done :slight_smile:
Pics up tomorrow.

Try switching from isometric to perspective. It’s a huge favor to the eyes.

Ok no problem. Sorry if my pics have been hard to read or something.

Shielded bearings(10ball) weigh 2.2 grams
Response pads(flow groove) weigh .22 grams each or .44 grams per set
Axle(m4x.7 thread) weighs ~.065 grams per 1mm of length. So a 16mm long axle weighs 1.04 grams.

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Here are pictures of the updated design (for now I’ll be calling it “the Wanderer”):

And a new design (for now I’ll be calling in “the Pathfinder”):

Both look pretty good, especially the Pathfinder! I just would like to see the rims on the Wanderer be a little less bulbous.

Pathfinder looks like it would be an awesome delrin. May I ask what software you use?

They actually aren’t that bulbous at all haha. That’s the perspective mode playing tricks. I can upload a pic in orthographic mode to give you a better idea of the actual shape.

Those look sexy!
You better let me test em :wink:

Thanks! I always love me some Delrin.

I used Autodesk Inventor.

Maybe if I save the money to have them prototyped :wink:

I don’t believe I have ever seen that shape on a delrin, but that would be pretty cool

I smell… a smelly smell…
Hendy x J&H
Maybe. JUST MAYBE. If we can gather money/resources more reliably.
But, not the near future :wink:

Did you get a student package or something?

Ok, I spent enough time staring at your design, lol.

Now for the bad news. Nice round rims, I like that. Transitioning to a reverse down slope(evilyo style), I like that. Now… For the ‘funny spot’. That little Speed bump(raised ring) right at the corner of the gap. Your design ‘flow’ is lost right there. There is really no known advantage for that.

We all know that regardless of the shape of most yoyos, the center of the gap is always ‘in the middle of the yoyo’. ( Insert ‘duh’, here). That being said, Yoers still have a tendency to hit the gap off center, especially when moving quickly through combos. When you have a raised ring, coming off a reverse wall, your string will ‘click’ as it deflects off that raised ring. You should ‘lose that ring’ so the yoyo wall flows into the gap just like the Quake.

You may have noticed that Both owners of One Drop have posted in this thread. They read the Boards much more than people would think. And neither of them brought this to your attention. But at the same time, you can research and review Every single yoyo design and finish line production yoyo from One Drop and you will find ‘None’ that incorporate a raised ring transitioning off a reverse wall, into a gap.

Realize what may be visually appealing, is not necessarily technically functional.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I totally see what you’re getting at there (and will fix it as soon as possible). Fortunately, I wasn’t planning on implementing this feature on any other designs. I also wasn’t considering performance with the Wanderer so much as I was with the Pathfinder.

Let’s also keep in mind, I first started truly designing yoyos three days ago. I still have a lot to learn. I’m really glad people have been willing to provide their critiques and advice so I can make future designs even better.

Currently, the RecRev Delrin Octave 3 is the only Delrin with an undercut.

Sure did! Never turn down free professional software.

Don’t get my hopes up there buddy. :wink: