The k00k13

What do you guys think of this?
Any thoughts on the specs, something you would change.

My Goal is a yoyo that is going back to the basics of metal yoyos.
2005-2006 era.

No hubstacks, no spike, not even a crazy ano job. just a nice everyday throw.

Let me know what you guys think.

And thanks to Greame Steller for helping with design!


id but it in a heartbeat, near perfect specs for me. i think spikes would be a nice touch but like you said you want to get back to basics. i think if the weight was more around 67g or 68g (i personally would prefer the same weight as a bully (67.9g so basically 68g)) it would be more appealing. alot of it depends on how the weight is distributed.

Lol, you still spell it wrong even when you try. hheheh Graeme Steller…

I’m normally not a fan of the older metals, but that thing is pretty sweet.

IMO it’s a nice and elegant design. it fits most of my preferences. i would lower the weight by a little to about 67 grams. other than that Great Job!!!

I love the weight and diameter. I would prefer a Size A bearing, though.

A little bit wider and a small bearing would be perfect.

Small bearing and 1 or 2mm wider = Win.

Josh, that’s awesome. I want one.

One word.


I would buy one. If it was wider, I’d buy it faster.

Does it really need to be wider? For it’s size, I’d say the width is about perfect. If you’ve seen a yo-yo with similar specs in person, I’m sure you’d agree.

perfect weight
perfect diameter
but the only down fall for me is the width
now if i was to use if for 1a it wouldnt be a problem but my main style is 5a making it a little harder to catch into the gap
but since there is nothing fancy im guessing its gonna be pretty cheap so…


That really doesn’t have anything to do with the yoyo’s width, just the gap width.

well ok i meant that it was easier overall to catch a string in a wide yoyo rather than a thiner one

for those asking for more width, the width is pretty typical for most yoyos, i think 40-41… width is perfect, all i would do was add SHARP spikes ;D and lower the weight to 68g, even if you dont change it its a winner in my book. do you have any plans on making any protos Josh?

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Hehe, we’re getting lots of feedback josh. :slight_smile:

just keep it raw and sell it for cheap=)


i would have to agree with keeping it raw, i love the look of raw yoyos