Chupacabra- Coming soon. V3!!!

Coming Soon


V3 took many things I was told into consideration. A wider, firmer stance with more rounded edges. Please note it will have a size C bearing.

[b]Critical feedback is appreciated. Although this is a semifinalized design, I can make minor tweaks to it. I would also like to hear prices that people would be willing to pay for something like this.

The size has not yet been decided. Suggestions???[/b]

The yoyos are being machined by Onedrop.
More pictures coming.
Version 2 is much sharper.

Pretty. Specs?

Well, full sized. But the specs are generally for the public to decide. Thats why I posted it :slight_smile:

I spent like 6 hours figuring out how to render the design and make it look real.

Looks like a c3 capless (inside cup) and a code 2 (outside cup/ grind area) had a baby, with an A size bearing. Interesting. I’d pay $80 to $100.

I dont think it will be an A bearing. I was trying to make it look like a concave but then it turned out small.

It looks sort of like rec rev+ one drop

That’s what I was thinking it looked like.

The intention was for it to be sharp like a sleipnir kind of. I’m not sure how to achieve that exactly…

I usually like organic based throws but as it stands now it looks like an awkward throw, almost like a smaller wide throw with a 4.5+ gap. I think a smaller gap with slightly smaller rim length would work better. I would pay $65-90 for it. Maybe more if there were special colorways or a blasted/polished option.

I love the shape :D. i would pay up to 100$ if the quality is good, that is.

It’s machined by onedrop.

Added v2

I personally like the v2 better. If you’re looking for a sleipnir sharp (as stated above) I would sharpen the base more. Your design your choice, I would be quicker to buy v2

i dont normally comment on these, but those rims arent rounded enough. they will hurt to catch. a lot

What do you mean by the base?

Thank you :slight_smile: I will fix that ASAP.

The center of the yo-yo before the rims. You could either shorten the diameter of the cup allowing for a wider model or do a stepped rim like the genesis. Or if you’re really wild you could try the ZS shape (X^3 Zeus) but that’s just from my perspective. I’m not sure what kind of throw you want to make in terms of speed, stability, etc.

Nice design.
is the v2 thinner?

Think you could do these specs?

53mm dia.
43mm width

I will certainly think about that. There aren’t too many smaller yoyos out there with a shape like this. Check out V3.