New yoyo design, what do you guys think? Full Views Added

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Design 1

Well here’s a design that I’ve been working on for a while now, and I wanted to get some opinions
here’s the specs weight ~66 grams Diameter ~ 55.4 mm and width (for half) 21.98 mm for total 42-44 (excluding Gap) here’s the pictures

Full view

Cross Section View

Can those of you who downloaded my design please PM me, (this does not apply if I e-mailed you) thanks.

Can you just do screen captures and post them as .png or .jpg files? I’m not trying to be lazy, I just don’t want to install some software so I can see an image, just so I can later trash the file and uninstall the software.

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Ill try, i agree with you that it would be helpful.

Pictures added

They dont work on my computer.

Me neither…

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Pic’s don’t work.

Is it possible for you to fix them?


Fixed :smiley:


I like the shape

thanks, I’m glad you do, anything you don’t like about it?

Photos Changed

It’s kind of bland, but that doesn’t mean anything. I like nice, simple, clean lines. It does remind me of a Legacy II but in metal. I’d like to see you stick a virtual bearing in there and then put the two halves together so I can really see the profile.

The RecRev Sharp is about as plain as it can get. The DiBase is very simple. Lack of lines doesn’t mean bad. I think the spike in the middle could use being a bit larger though to add a bit more center weight.

One thing I would change is get rid of the wall, but thats just my yoyo preference ::slight_smile:

New Photos added

I think it would be better to add the new photos in a different post, even within the thread, for the purposes of tracking changes. Otherwise, the thread loses context.

It’s hard to have comments on a design make sense when comments are made and then photos are swapped out.

(Sorry, it’s the tech writer in me. We document changes in revisions so we can see if we’re making progress in the right or wrong direction, who is responsible and who should make the changes)

Plus, I’m not too thrilled with the new images and I think the weight is going to be a major turn-off. While I like heavy, 70 grams is a bit too much. Without a sliced apart profile picture, it’s hard to suggest where to remove weight.

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i dig the 70g one

Design 2

Extra Wide Yoyo
66 Grams

~50 MM wide (excluding Gap)

Diameter 58.5 mm

Cross section
Cross section view

Full View

Design 3

For this yoyo the specs are about
66 grams,
width of 50 mm (not including gap),
and diameter: 58.5 mm

Cross section

Full View

ill give a cross section on monday, i don’t have access to a comp that can use the CAD program, but thanks for the input, i did separate the different yoyo’s tell me if you have any more suggestions, ill make sure to follow through on them. (if i can)