So I Designed a Yo-Yo...Opinions? Update 5/24/12

Hi there everyone :slight_smile:
So at my school there is a thing we have to do called a personal project. It’s something that’s supposed to be a bigger project and last the majority of the school year. For mine I’m going to make a yoyo ;D I’ve been messing around in a cad program a downloaded for a while, and I recently came up with a design I really like. I sent it to some folks to get some feedback and then made some more edits. I finally got it to a point where I like it and figured i’d post it here :slight_smile: This is the final drawing before I sent it to my machinist. I was kidding about the last one, haha…sorry if that disappoints anyone. It’s the same design, but I removed the bump from the catch zone to the rim, in an effort again to reduce the weight. I like how it looks. It’s a lot better than the last one IMO, so we’ll see how everything goes. It’s kinda a yyr-ish shape. Wider than most, but not too wide. I want it to be a light-ish weight. 64-66 grams hopefully. I’m gonna get it machined in different aluminum grades too, hopefully. Just to see the difference, haha. This is it. Hope you all enjoy. I’ll probably sell a proto or two on BST, so be on the watch! Thanks :slight_smile: any design feedback is appreciated!

Approximate specs:
~ 53mm
~ about 44mm width
~ Don’t know the weight, still need to calculate.
~ Size C bearing of course! Most likely a 10 ball
~ Flow groove response
~ tapped axle
~ most likely a soda blast finish
~ Maybe a 4.3-4.4 gap
that’s all for now :slight_smile: like I said before all feedback is appreciated. On a side note I kind of want to involve some of the community in this, so if you’re a string maker or something contact me and we can work something out for some special strings to go with the first run! That’d be awesome. Thanks for looking!


If I posted this in the wrong place feel free to move it. or something… haha. it’s also in the modding and maintenance section, in case anyone was wondering :wink:

Its gonna be heavy… like 75g

im digging the shape and at 65 its definitely something id buy, what cad program are you using?

It looks pretty good. I would suggest to maybe make it accept Flow Groove pads so you can have the option of either pads or silicone of your choice.

I also posted in your other thread but yeah it looks good and at 65 grams its somethin id buy, what cad program do you use?

It looks nice. Though to be honest, it’s not very original. Though too be honest, you can’t get any new shapes without going extreme, IE Monkey Fist Evil-Yo and Ten-Yo Decapod

yeah. I really didn’t want to go extreme on the design. Obviously it would attract more attention to the yoyo but that’s not really what I was looking for. I was thinking sky walker when i designed it, but I don’t really see how it compares to others. gnarwhal maybe?

Interesting. I’d like to see it in the 54-ish or larger diameter and maybe the 42-width range, but also just a tiny bit heavier, say 67 grams.

I like how simple it is. I like the simpler lines.

If I had some cash right now(got a couple of offers I couldn’t turn down) I’d strongly consider one if the price was right. Although, feel free to PM me!

As far as colors, I’m personally a fan of solids. I like metal colors, especially the siliver-kind of metals, but I also like the more vibrant bronze of the DiBase I just picked up. But other colorways I do like are the 28 stories colorway by CLYW. I have a black blue/green Dietz, which while it looks great, it’s kinda dark for my preferences. I love the blue of the OD 54, but for some reason the blue of my 44 clash Beysick doesn’t quite pop for me. I also like the metal look of my TFL Delorean with the satined rims.

Soda blast is nice. Maybe consider leaving the inside of the halves(the side pointing out) un-treated so you can have a very attractive surface to catch eyes and light. I have an Agape this way, and it’s beautiful to see and amazing to play.

What design and rendering program did you use?

I guess it won’t be if it 52-41.
I can help with weight if you like.

I like the shape of it.

Looks like a V shaped Skyline :wink:

I’ll probably go 53 with the diameter. Gives me something between what I was considering. I’m fine if it’s a couple grams off from 65, but if it ends up being too heavy I’ll cut down the rims to lower the weight. I was thinking about the flow groove before :slight_smile: I’ll probably end up going with that in the end. It’s a nice response. I like it:)

I think it would be cool if it was like 75 grams. That would be about the same weight aqs the Mutant DNA. Get some massive spin times.

I use Rhino3d

I’ve never tried a mutant DNA. lol. I’m aiming for the good spin times, just not the super high weight :slight_smile:

I like it a lot I would buy one :slight_smile:
Looks good keep the weight towards the rims.
flowgroove response
Gap of 4.3 seems suitable
If you don’t add weight to make it about 70 grams I think you will have spin times similar too the x convict or ikyo agape even though shape differs …

Looks great! Those cups look like they’re waiting to be engraved… Perhaps yoyo name in helvetica font, sorta YYR style for engravings, if any. Gives it a clean, classy look. This looks like something I would buy. A heavier weight would be cool. Make it stand out a bit… :slight_smile:

Thats cool!!!

53mm diameter and 65 grams in weight, and this shape is literally exactly what I have been looking, for please do it lol

yeah. I was thinking somewhere around 4.3 or 4.4. that would be nice. Glad i’m not the only one who agrees ;D I’ve never played an x convict or agape either…haha. How are the spin times? :slight_smile: