try to design a yoyo, updated.

first design

i dont know where to put this.
but im trying to find out what are people opinion about this.
specialy some one who have modding skills or have made a yoyo before.
i really want to make this happen, but somehow scared by the outcome. like does it have too much rim weight, lack of center weight, too heavy, too light, have weight placed on the wrong spot. anything.
it’s only made by my observation over some yoyo though, i really dont have any modding skills or any knowledge about yoyo makeing.
please comment.
i will make shot at it if i do convident enough about the result.
i’m not up for makeing a yoyo compareable to genesis or severe, or the 888. just want to make things.

i will, most likely PM icthus and kyo about this.

so, here is the yoyo.
im design it using autocad 2008;




second design

so, i redo the design.
i remade it, but still maintaining the basic design, profile and feature.
i try to really give attention to the bearing seat, because i think its one of the most important part. and the hubs, and little this and that.

so, this is the revised design.

and this is the bearing seat

what does everyone think?
did i do it fine enough?

oh, and some specs (based on the dimension on the CAD software);

wid : 46.7 mm
dia : 56 mm
gap :4.7 mm
bearing : C

again, thanks.


awesome, if one of them were to come out i would definitely get it. looks like with that much focus on the rims it would spin forever.

but that ‘lots of rim weight’ is concerned me, as far as i know, too many rim weight can make it pulsing, throw off the balance, and wont have a good stability. or even make it too heavy. :-[

im thinking of triming the rims a little bit.

how did u make the computer design i made a paper drawing of a yoyo and im gona get it made soon but i would like more detail like that can u pm me about how to do it on the computer? thx


which software

well there is alot of different kind. If you want something that you can actually use to make a real yoyo with cnc I heard they cost up to 400dollar but you can make the outline with google e-machine shop.

The best way to learn how to make yoyo is by making them

i use autoCAD 2008.

I’m still refining the design now.
i will update it soon.

Looking at the drawings, and trying to imagine the thickness, it looks like the overall weight might be low, but it’s kinda hard to tell for sure. Do you have any of the specs worked out?

Also do you have like expreience with this? because it looks really good. how long did it took you?

Punctuation is your friend.

If you want to go through with this, talk to somebody that has experience with making yoyos, such as Kyo, Icthus, or any major company’s owner.

I have pm’d him.

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no, i don’t have any experience with this. that is why i would like people advice.
well, not so long. after understand how the program works, it just take about overnight. :wink:

did you think so?
i have thicken the walls. just remember about the GM2 breaking because having such thin wall. :-\

thanks ichtus.
you really a big help. :slight_smile:

I think it would be cool if you gave it a step-H… Like the Genesis or GM2 or Superstar or G5, that could help by reducing a bit of the rim weight… But you wouldn’t really need to if you thicken everything else… If you ever talk to some one about maybe getting a Delrin proto made let me know… I’d totaly ship out some $$$ for one my self

well, basically, it’s an H-shape, but i kinda make the inner steep rounder.
kinda modified H-shape.

wouldn’t it be too thin for derlin?

You said you planned on thickening it right though? And they might not be able to do the hub aread or inner ring area perfectly in delrin…

maybe it’s s good idea.
what do you think about using the profile and redesign it for derlin?

but at this time, i will focus for making aluminium yoyo by this design.

I think Delrin would be good for prototyping… Mike Montgomery did his yoyo the BassBoost, and prototyped it in Delrin… I think its cheaper that way… But I think it would be cool to get a nice plastic around that size and shape

Just to throw this out there, try to make a full plastic version. THen take it to a machinist to metalfy it. Also, ssend me da plans :smiley: lol. what program?