New yoyo design, tell me what ya think.

Ok, so here’s my current yoyo design, equipped with one drop spiked side effect
Diameter is 55.5 mm
The Width is 43.5 mm
and the base weight (excluding SE, bearing, and response) is ~62 grams (if 7075 aluminum) or ~60 grams (if 6061 T6 aluminum)

Tell me what ya think

For my other designs check here,40303.0.html

Why’d you change it? I liked the other one.

I didn’t, i still got the other one, this on is just based off of it.
Im glad you liked the other one tho. I would have posted this in the other thread, but i think that one died… So ill update this with my most current designs soon.

I don’t much care for the shape of the catch zone and the thickness of the walls would leave me to believe that it’d be heavier than 60-62 grams.

Nevertheless, nice CAD.

Thanks for the input, I just checked the CAD, and strangely enough the base weight (with just 2 halves of the yoyo, no response, SE, bearing, anything) is 60-62, but with the bearing and the response the yoyo itself would be made heavier (including bearing and response (if 7075 Aluminum) probably around 64-65 grams) if 6061 aluminum then it would be around 62-63 grams).

The curves on this model…dear heaven…pretty sweet.

@ wildcat, I found the CAD Designs with the one you liked, ill be editing the response/bearing seat area soon, and possibly changing the width a bit, so ill have that up soon.

I really need input, I just want to know what you like/dont like about it, it would help a ton.

. I’d buy it. good shape

Cool!, Im glad you like, i worked really hard on it, anything you don’t like?

Very interesting design.

What has me iffy is the response area. I feel like it needs more material, especially going up in the wall.

Well, i have had the design looked at by Kyo, so i believe that there is enough, but ill ask him.