Almost Finished My First Design, the CADence!


Hey, I’ve for the most part finished my design. I don’t know how I would go about making the axle hole, though. Any feedback or advice? I included the .ems file, so if anyone wants to check out the design, they can. But if you download the .ems file, I have a request. I did the bearing seat and response groove for the most part by just my vision, so if you’ve designed yoyos and have the correct lines for a C-size bearing seat and a response groove for 19mm pads, could you either revise it or email me a .ems file of those? Also, what do you think of the design? I also have a 64g version in CAD.

The specs of this design, according to the program:
Diameter- 56.420 mm
Width- 21.580 mm per half
Weight- ~32 grams per half

Grooveless CADence.ems (16.1 KB)


That is amazing.


That looks really nice, keep at it!


Go to tools then statistics and it will tell you the weight.Overall looks really good but I hope you know it’s going to be around 50mm wide :wink:


Maybe I’m not looking at the same thing as you guys… but I think you might have designed a spin top by accident.


It’s only one half of the yoyo. He didn’t show both halves because they are symmetrical. When you add an axle and bearing, then screw the halves together, it becomes a yoyo.


The center of gravity won’t be in the center until yo attach the other half,


That makes sense, haha. But how would I go about putting on a bearing seat/response groove/axle hole? Do I just get the specs and and then cut into the design?


The half actually only weighed 23 grams… I’ve done some revisions for the weight.


Thats way too light. You will need it at least 60(Total) to get any buyers.


Listen to this man! He is the king of EMS!


As I stated, I have made revisions and I will post the new version later. The half now weighs 30 grams, and I want to get to 32-33.


I would be down to buy another ultralight throw. The Pacquiao was awesome.


Anyone know how to make a bearing seat/axle hole/response groove? That’s the only thing I need left now. And to Big cat, I’m shooting for a 64-66 gram throw.

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How did you do that to the last picture?


Go to 3D view and then click the gray shapes with a red border at the top (next to the wire pyramid icon)



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Just so you know it’s going to be like 71 grams almost after bearing and axle right?


Oh, yeah, I knew that but didn’t really think about it. I better modify the design a bit :wink:


how much do bearing and axle weigh ?