Yoyo designing help

Hey, so I need some help, I have tried for so long that my brain hurts to get this design right, if someone could take a look at it and try and get it right I would be eternally grateful. I cannot get the rotate feature to work. Attached is the file.

My second yoyo design.ems (7.35 KB)

Ill help you out when I get the chance to take a look at it and ill make it functional

Man oh man, EMS is so different than what I’m used to. :-X

Usually my issue when I can’t get something to rotate is that it is in fact over the line you’re rotating around.

Edit: Forget the whole coordinate thing. Still, the sketch may be over the rotation line though.

Nice design!

After you put it in revolve mod you need to click on the design and up top it will either say 1.578mm or air inside. Click on that tape and the option will come to put it in revolve mod and there you go. just to let you know though it only weighs 17.7g and theres no room for a bearing seat. What I would recommend doing it designing it straight out of the front view and it will be a lot easier to control weight distribution because you’ll basically be designing the cross section. I’ll message you if i can fix some of the problems.

Yea that thing needs a lot of work haha…ill modify it a bit to actually be feasible. Designing in front view is the way to go!

Thanks for all the help guys, I know some of you are putting in your time so I will just wait, thanks again!!! :smiley: ;D :slight_smile: :-*

I just got home and I’m working on it as we speak :slight_smile: Been spending my last few weeks with my own design so I think I should be able to do this! But since some weight needs to be added where would you like it? I was going to add the weight to the rim but I wasn’t sure what you wanted.

UPDATE: Finished working on it. Needed some work to maintain that shape and add weight I had to make it 1mm wider(shape its still slightly different). I added the weight to the rims can change that if you want. This half weighs 33g

YOU ARE THE COOLEST!!! Can I have the file?

No it’ll cost you $50… Jk :wink: here it is! I changed it for you so its for evenly distributed like you asked :slight_smile:

whoops double post

what program are you using?

EMS its pretty simple. I just need to find a bearing seat file that I can use now.

I don’t know much about the programs that are used. What does that stand for?

emachine shop.
The most used program is probably SolidWorks though. I’ve used it once and it’s amazing…

Hy for some reason I cant get the file to EMS when I try to open it and it gives me a list, EMS is not on it. :-\

Nvm, I got it to work! now for the bearing seat.

haha good luck with that :wink: I gave up on my bearing so I’m just sending it to Landon. Deff worth $30…