New company~Central YoYo Design~ Cad Pics on page 4!

What do you guy’s think!
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It looks really big and thin. Specs please!

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Specs Have not been determine yet!

glad to see that you’re really getting started with this Davion :smiley:

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yeah, if you compare the bearing seat and the width of the yo-yo, that thing would have a 70mm diameter…

I change it a little bit I plan for the diameter to be 54mm

You should make the weight 65-66 grams. that weight is like perfect.

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That sounds good, just what I was thinking! ;D

Specs are up! ;D

here’s a suggestion, since the bearing diameter is roughly half an inch (bearing seat should be a quarter inch) you can estimate your drawing.

a yo-yo with a 56mm diameter (2.25 inches) would be 4.5 times the width of a bearing, this way you can make your drawing to scale. Take the drawing of a bearing, and draw the yoyo around it keeping in mind the relative size of the yo-yo to the bearing.

at the moment your yo-yo is way larger than 5 bearings. (oh, I’m using a C-sized bearing for these numbers, but I can adjust them to size A if you want)

hope this helps!

to find specs check all the things at the top (i.e. File, Edit, View, Line, Tools, Job, Order, (don’t bother checking the Help one it dosent have it) and one of them (i think its under tools) wills say either Specs or Specifications. Click on that, it will then tell you the specifications.

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What do you guy’s think so far? ???

Any Inputs?

I see you posted my image. thank you. the last image doesn’t have the changes you requested though, is that final?

No theirs some more i just need to post them!

It looks good, but i don’t think theres enough rim weight, and there might be too much center weight. If you want a response and bearing seat, pm me your email, ill send you one. also, I’m working on getting that video up, just need to find a program.

bearing seat and respnse oh and I recently change the design!

Are Facebook page is Live! ;D

I’m excited for this yoyo! :smiley: So this would be your debut yoyo?

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Yes,and we are about to order some protos in a few weeks, what do you like about the yoyo!