Got a revised yoyo design

So I just gone back & completely redid my yoyo design from scratch after watching the Yoyo Design 101 video series. The software that I’m using is 123d Design.

Diameter: 54.1mm
Width: 44mm
Gap width: 4.462mm
Bearing size: Size C
Response: Flow Groove pads
Material: 7075 Aluminium
Weight: ??? (Don’t know how to calculate weight with 123d Design)

I will appreciate constructive criticism.


Looks interesting to me. I like the idea of 7075 and the ridges in the catch zone give it a familiar look, but, I can’t recall what it reminds me of. Are you planning on prototyping?

The Sine//Saw?

looks cool, and complicated.
I can calculate the weight for you if you want, and make adjustment if needed.
just shot me a PM.

I’d buy it

Well, there was this one from a few years back, when the recently released Energy Dome Side Effects were originally designed… :wink:


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HAHA! Nice design!