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Hello everyone! This is my first topic and first poll, so if I put this in the wrong category, please feel free to move it! So, down to business. I made a couple Designs and i was wondering which of these designs were most appealing to the community. That’s you guys! I will bump this category from time to time. Just to bring it back to life!

Yoyos by shapegsx, on Flickr

Please feel free to give some constructive criticism!

I don’t know much.

All your designs appear to be center heavy.

I do like your general presentation though. I can actually relate to that.

I think design c would be best if you thinned the walls and put more weight on the rims.

I don’t know anything about weight distribution but I would happily mess with any one of those designs.

D looks like it’ll mess you up if you don’t catch it right. A looks like something I’d like to try.

design A would certainly be an interesting player… those edges look rather sharp though…

Yeah, I’ll definitely have thinner walls. This is just the design stage. I’ll, literally, smooth out the edges! :slight_smile:

P.S. Design b has a lateral cap

Yeah, I like design C, but I’ve seen it to many times. I try to make some of the yo-yos unique in a way. I made these with folded up sticky notes on the floor at 6:00 a.m. So I wasn’t exactly thinking about that :wink:

We’ll it seems E is in the lead!

E would certainly be a menace to the Starship Enterprise.

It certainly has been done before, and I would like to see something new, so I change my vote to a or b. Anyways these are great so far, keep it up!

I totally appreciate the CAD-free approach.

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Lol, I don’t even know how to use cad. Sometimes I use Google Sketch Up, but I can barely even use that!

Ok, so I’ve got the winning design, I combined all the elements that people liked and I mixed A, B, and E

What would be a good size. I will change the poll so you can choose. Post in the comment, board… Thing. ??? :smiley:

The perfect spot IMO is 56 by 43,

A good full sized, wide enough throw.

Why no love for B? with good weight distribution that profile would be an awesome player.

Anyway, have a plan to do CAD on them? I can help you with CAD.

Actually, I don’t need CAD. I’m sending it off to someone to do it. I’m clueless with stuff like that, I’ve tried it and failed, miserably. :wink:

B.U.M.P it up!

I think u need to make some accurate drawings to get the real feedback u need. We need to be looking at CAD drawings or something like that. Sticky notes just doesn’t cut it.